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Resources Invested

SinoPac Volunteer System and Goals

SinoPac Holdings established a "SinoPac Volunteer Team" in 2018. Volunteering activities were organized from time to time. In order to encourage volunteering services, applications on official leave, transportation fares, and housing allowance were provided depending on the type of service. The number of employees who joined the Volunteer Team reached 1,251 people by the end of 2022. Starting in 2022, volunteers can take up to 3 days of volunteering leave every year.

SinoPac Holdings devotes itself to philanthropic activities continuously by contributing to society through different forms of involvement such as providing sponsorships, co-organizing activities, and corporate volunteer participation. In 2022, the total expenditure on philanthropic activities reached NT$79.322 million, and the total time volunteers devoted to philanthropic activities reached 3,395 hours.