Identification of Material Topics


Identification and Disclosure of Material Topics

SinoPac Holdings follows and gains insights from international sus­tainability trends and industry benchmark peers to review the mate­rial topics by integrating results of due diligence and internal stake­holder surveys annually, and conducting questionnaires for external stakeholders biennially to identify material topics that have signifi­cant internal and external impacts, and relevant to the business op­eration and stakeholders. In 2022, we implemented the identification and disclosure of material topics in accordance with the guidance and spirit of "GRI 3: Material Topics". We identified 19 material top­ics, of which 10 were critical topics, 5 were important topics, and the other 4 were basic topics. We also identify double materiality topics with significant impact on external parties and the operation of the Company in accordance with the double materiality principle.

Explanation of Changes in Material Topics in 2022

We identified 20 material topics in 2021. The methodology for identifying material topics was changed so we identified again and adjusted to 19 material topics compared to the previous reporting period in 2022.

Double Materiality Analysis

In addition to considering the impact of material topics on the external economy, environment, and people, SinoPac Holdings also adopted the double materiality analysis in 2022 to understand the potential financial impact of related risks on the Company, to develop the Company's business management strategies, and al­locate resources effectively. SinoPac Holdings' executives and senior managers rate the financial materiality of the aforementioned materiality topics on the Company's costs, revenue, reputation, and risks. Then the external impact level was incorporated to identify the double materiality topics that have significant impact on both internal and external entities and create the double materiality matrix.