Identification of Material Topics


Identification and Disclosure of Material Topics

SinoPac Holdings reviews and identifies material topics each year with the insights learned from international sustainability trends and assessments and industry benchmarking peers so as to create a list of topics that are relevant to financial sector. SinoPac Holdings distributed a questionnaire based on this list to internal and external stakeholders as well as the senior managers to understand their priorities. In 2020, a total of 20 topics were identified and all stakeholders were invited to reply the questionnaire, including communities/NPOs/NGOs, customers, shareholders (investors), media, employees, suppliers and competent authorities. SinoPac Holdings analyzed three major aspects of material topics including "Influence on stakeholder assessments and decisions", "The importance of topics to SinoPac Holdings' operations", and "Significance of economic, environmental, and social impacts". The results were displayed in a three-dimensional "material topic matrix" and those topics are classified into "Critical", "Important", and "Basic" levels for varying degrees of disclosure. In 2021, Among the 20 material topics, 9 were critical topics, 6 were important topics and 5 were basic topics