SinoPac Venture Capital


Through an ecosystem strategic model, we assist in deal sourcing, business cooperation, establishing strategic partnerships, and create value in our portfolio companies

SinoPac Venture Capital was established in January 2003. In recent years, we have focused investments in the ecommerce, FinTech, Industry 4.0, automation, cultural and creative industries, and biomedical industries. Concurrently, with greater cross-straits interaction, we also proactively seek cooperating partners in China to expand our scale.

SinoPac Venture Capital invest mainly focuses on mature and pre-IPO enterprises along with startup companies and companies in early stage development, with the aim of maintaining a stable stream of exits from each phase, enabling sustainable and consistent income streams over time. Combining SinoPac FHC and external partners, we jointly develop innovative industry investment projects, establishing our professional investment image and track record. Also, we proactively support our portfolio companies, establishing an ecosystem strategic model, assisting in deal sourcing, business cooperation, and establishing strategic partnerships. Portfolio companies are mostly registered in Taiwan, but also are registered in the Cayman Islands, United States, and other areas.