Responsible Marketing

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Responsible Marketing


SinoPac Holdings attaches great importance to financial consumer protection, actively establishes a corporate culture for treating customers fairly and friendly financial services, provides customers with appropriate financial products and services in an honest and transparent manner, pays attention to the needs of the elderly, disabilities, and underserved groups, and treat financial customers in a fair and reasonable manner, and then to implement the expectations of the competent authorities that the financial industry will seek the best interests of customers (customer first) and enhance financial customer protection and other related policies.

SinoPac Holdings has formulated the "Responsible Marketing Guidelines" as its guideline of promoting and implementing responsible marketing. The Company and its subsidiaries shall establish the guideline based on the scope of businesses and the product characteristics. The responsible unit shall supervise, promote and ensure that the financial products or services provided are in accordance with the principal of responsible marketing to achieve sustainable development.

SinoPac Holdings “Responsible Marketing Guidelines

The principles of responsible marketing

The Company and its subsidiaries shall transparently disclose information related to the financial products or services provided under different business models, from design, advertising, sales, contract fulfillment, services consultation and customer complaint handling. Faithfully inform customers of relevant important contents and risks to ensure that products and services can meet customer needs, enhance customer protection and trust, and continue to enhance relevant personnel's awareness of financial consumer protection, fair treatment and friendly services.