Smart Financial Innovation Products and Services


Smart Financial Innovation Promotion Strategies

SinoPac Holdings implemented the Digital Transformation Plan in 2020 and upholds two major strategies "Context Management" and "AI and related digital technologies," and is actively developing financial innovations.

The former responds Financial Supervisory Commission's open banking policy and working with third party service providers, and have dedicated SinoPac Holdings’ efforts to the integration of cash flow collection and payment API, incorporating it in financial service ubiquitous of each industry to complete the integration of domestic, overseas, online, and offline payment and collection products. The latter engages in the development of AI and emerging technologies, and implemented automated operation tools, cloud service framework, and big data applications, helping subsidiaries reduce labor cost and generate synergies from resources.

SinoPac Holdings continues to communicate with the IT and R&D teams to accelerate the transformation and actively cultivates new-generation FinTech talent through industry-academia collaboration. SinoPac Holdings began collaboration with National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) in 2017 and jointly started a brand-new industry-academia collaboration project with Soochow University at the end of 2021 to actively promote digital innovation (service).

Smart Financial Innovation Services

  • Integrated Digital Account "DAWHO"

Bank SinoPac's integrated digital account "DAWHO" has been highly popular among the younger generation since it was launched. Bank SinoPac developed the App "DAWHO" in 2020 and continues to strengthen the integration with products of SinoPac Securities' "DAWHOTOU," offering account opening and integration, transaction linking, and learning integration functions.

  • Digital investment account DAWHOTOU

SinoPac Securities and Bank SinoPac jointly launched the digital trading account "DAWHO x DAWHOTOU" in 2019, leading the securities industry to develop an online settlement account. SinoPac Securities' "DAWHO x DAWHOTOU" online account opening service became the first joint account opening application and account opening progress inquiry service for both banking and securities in the industry with the unique feature of applying for 6 accounts in 3 institutions in 1 application. When an investor completes account opening, he/she will have access to six accounts including the NTD savings account, foreign currency savings account, and trust account of Bank SinoPac, the “DAWHOTOU” domestic trading account and sub-brokerage account of SinoPac Securities, and membership of SinoPac Securities Investment Service Corp.. Anyone from petty bourgeoisie to high-asset customers can access the digital financial services of SinoPac Securities and the in-depth analyses provided by the research team of SinoPac Securities Investment Service Corp.

  • Open Banking Partner APIs

In response to the Financial Supervisory Commission's open banking policy, Bank SinoPac released the Partner APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), and shared financial innovations with startups and third-party service providers (TSP), providing extension applications in "consumption payments," "daily life payments," "identity verification," and "open banking," which extend financial service scenarios to increase financial inclusion.

SinoPac Securities introduced the innovative smart service "Python API," and provides quotations, orders, report, and historical price data services for domestic and overseas securities, futures, and options markets.

  • The SinoPac Charity Donation Platform

The SinoPac Charity Donation Platform utilized the collection API to integrate Bank SinoPac's funBIZ and SinoPac Paybill cashflow services. Donation URL can be converted into QR code, and online donations will be completed by scanning with mobile phones.

The platform features include diverse payment methods, account management system, and low implementation cost. It significantly lowers the processing cost of collection agencies through cash flow integration mechanisms. Bank SinoPac hopes to systematically and effectively improve the organizational abilities of charities through products and services, and resolve the difficulties that medium and small charities facing in fundraising due to the low brand exposure.


Bank SinoPac released the payment and credit card management App DACARD at the end of 2021. The App integrates online payment and credit card management functions, and sup­ports a variety of payment methods and payment tools, including real-time payment inquiry, QR code scan to pay, online payment application, and accepting over 50 payment items, including water, electricity and gas bills, telephone bills, credit card payment, health insurance premiums, and national annuity. The App provides the safest and most convenient payment services and realizing zero contact online financial services.

Highlight Products and Services of SinoPac Holdings' Smart financial Innovation Services

Item Subsidiary Item introduction
Robot advisor Bank SinoPac SinoPac Robot Advisor-ibrAin combines algorithms with big data to provide online digital wealth management services based on personal information and investment goals, designing customized investment recommendations for each customer. 
Digital platform Bank SinoPac ShareShares selects investment targets in the US stock market from constituent stocks of the S&P 500 based on market value, profitability, and liquidity risk. It references the investment portfolios of well-known ETF investment institutions overseas, and provides individual stocks and ETFs of the US stock market on the platform, allowing customers to develop their own stock savings investment strategy.
SinoPac Securities The "SinoPac Stock Savings Plan" integrates account opening, AI services, orders, and performance management, and also provides a trading platform for stock savings in Taiwan and US stock markets, so that investors can invest in stocks in different markets.
“SinoTrade website – FengYun Academy” provides investment and wealth management knowledge, which is shared via audio-visual interactions.
“AI Bunny Good” online comprehensive investment transaction services combines stock selection + wealth management articles and provides integrated applica­tion services across platforms.
Rich Club ESG website integrates research and evaluation results of SinoPac Securities and SinoPac Securities Investment Service Corp., and includes five highlights, namely the SinoPac+ ESG Evaluation System, SinoPac ESG investment portfolio, SinoPac ESG sustainability fund series, ESG funds, and insights into trends.

SinoPac Securities Investment Service Corp.

FengTouGood” is a next-generation investment consulting service based on the core motto of “Your investments we care”. It uses the digital platform to provide the most updated and useful market research and industry analysis and help investors enhance their investment skills, increase wealth, and avoid risks.

iPiggy Bank Bank SinoPac A “Change Jar can be configured on Bank SinoPac’s mobile banking App to help users accumulate wealth with ease. For different dreams and purposes, customers can also choose "Dream Jar", set their own goals, and regularly save fixed amounts.
Technology operations counter Bank SinoPac eNote paperless counter services accelerate the use of electronic forms, electronic signatures, online review, and automatic account closing; reduces paper use and improves account closing efficiency of branches at the same time.
iBranch platform provides digital branch services and creates a unique over-the-counter experience with the 3S core services including virtual and real integration (smooth), smart services procedures (smart), and personalized banking services (sweet).

The TOGO App eliminates the constraints on place where accounts are opened and transactions are accepted, while strengthening personal information protection and internal control.

Palm vein authentication for bank transactions eliminates the customer signature and case officer seal verification procedures, in order to improve service quality and reduce fraudulent transactions.