Sustainability Literacy Development

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  • Sustainability Literacy Development
Sustainability Literacy Development

SinoPac Holdings adopts employees' sustainability awareness as the basis for facilitating long-term stable development. SinoPac applied "TURN" as the foundation to create a framework for sustainability literacy training for all employees. Employees are expected to continue to attain growth in the four main categories, including "Train", "Upgrade", "Raise", and "Native" and develop sustainability literacy.

The diverse training and activities are adopted to create common values for all employees and transform awareness into a part of daily operation, for instance, SinoPac invited all employees to join the Newsletter competition to think of "the green action for our planet". There were fabulous prizes (including cash award) and the selected newletter(s) will be published in SinoPac's internal journal for recognition.

SinoPac encourages employees to focus and actively involve in the sustainability fields. In 2022, 10 employees were selected as model employees for promoting sustainability businesses; in the meantime, employees who had outstanding performances for efficiency upgrade and commercial opportunities linked to sustainability actions had been promoted as well.


  • Inclusion of sustainability training into the internal training system
  • Sharing new knowledge on sustainability with stakeholders
  • Rapid and diverse communication of sustainability trends

  • Organize expert forums with external institutions
  • Train seed teams of internal experts
  • Enterprise visits for exchange of ideas and learning from benchmark companies

  • Link to performance appraisal mechanisms
  • Subsidies for advanced sustainability courses
  • Talent development, reward, and commendation
  • Appoint environmental protection volunteers

  • Increase recognition – sign sustainability commitment
  • Micro education programs – create virtual and real environment
  • Environmental protection day – consolidate consensus on actions