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 Green Infrastructure Finance and ESG Products & Services

  • Solar Photovoltaic Energy Generation Equipment Financing for Corporate

Bank SinoPac supports the government's green energy policy. Planning of the "Solar Photovoltaic Energy Generation Equipment Financing Project" began in 2012 and the program was launched in 2013, which a history of 10 years until now. Bank SinoPac made changes along with adjustments to government policy and industry needs. At first, Bank SinoPac provided loans for rooftop power plants. It then expanded to ground and floating solar energy plants, and further on to the fishery and electricity symbiosis model in 2020, creating the first framework for green energy trading financing project. The Company began working with power companies in establishing a Green Energy Trading Platform and developed a proprietary Solar Power Plant Management System, remaining a key partner for industrial development. Bank SinoPac received the “Top Solar System Award”from the Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs for 7 consecutive years between 2016 and 2022. Bank SinoPac is the only bank in Taiwan to win this award for 7 consecutive years, and further won the“Special Award for Renewable Energy Sectors” by the Financial Supervisory Commission for successful development of financial services for the solar photovoltaic energy industry for 3 consecutive years between 2020 and 2022.

  • Solar Energy Plant Financing during the Construction Period

SinoPac Leasing began providing short-term project financing for the construction period of solar energy plants starting in the second half of 2018 and provides companies with bridge loans to lift their funding pressure. Once construction and grid connection are completed, the power plants will switch to mid-term and long-term loans.

  • Offshore wind power equipment/Energy storage system/ Geothermal power Financing

Bank SinoPac and corporate partners jointly supported government policies for creating a green and sustainable environment by providing companies with the necessary funding for setting up offshore wind farms or geothermal power plants. Bank SinoPac developed the innovative "energy storage system" project financing service in 2022 to help partners in the industry develop different types of energy storage projects.

  • Biogas Power System Financing

Bank SinoPac supports the government's renewable energy policy goal, and SinoPac Leasing developed the equipment leasing for energy storage system in biogas power system business in 2020 to encourage different ways of power generation. Biogas power not only allows wastewater from animal husbandry and excrements from livestock to be utilized, but also allows kitchen waste, domestic sewage, business wastewater (e.g. food industry and paper industry), discarded vegetable and fruit, and other organic waste to be used for renewable-energy-based electricity generation.

  • ESCO Energy Storage Equipment Financing

SinoPac Leasing became a member of the matching platform of the Taiwan Association of Energy Service Companies (ESCO) in March 2019 and began partnering with companies in ESCO in October 2019.

  • Financing for Eco-Friendly Textile Industries

Bluesign is the most commonly used environmental protection standard with the most complete requirements among environmental protection certifications for the global textiles industry. Bank SinoPac provides loans to domestic textiles companies that intend to apply for Bluesign and assists textiles companies with their green transformation.

  • Sustainability-linked corporate loans

Bank SinoPac use interest rates as economic incentives to promote sustainability-linked corporate loans for encouraging corporate clients to meet the agreed sustainability performance targets. Bank SinoPac aims to create a win-win situation for companies and Bank SinoPac to jointly achieve sustainable development.

  • Green deposits

Bank SinoPac launched the NTD green time deposit project for corporate clients. The funds will be used for green loans such as green buildings, renewable energy loans, and pollution prevention industries.

  • Insurance for Green Enterprises

Bank SinoPac actively provides corporate insurance needed by green industries to continue supporting the transition of solar photovoltaic energy companies. Bank SinoPac provides 4 insurance products, including electronic equipment insurance and public liability insurance for accidents that may occur during the operation period of power generation equipment, so that clients can obtain complete coverage when expanding their green financial operations.

  • Green Energy Industry Rebate Trust

To drive the green energy industry's development, Bank SinoPac uses diverse financial instruments, such as trusts and loans, to help power companies create the framework of dedicated trust accounts, and properly manage funds that will be given back to local communities to actively supporting power companies in fulfilling their corporate social responsibility, while creating value for communities to develop green energy.

 Green Financial Advisory Services

Bank SinoPac has actively developed diverse corporate green energy solutions. It restarted the financial consulting business in 2022 to provide companies with project management and consulting services for related equity and asset transactions of solar energy plants. The financial consulting business is also conducted along with other net zero projects such as matchmaking energy-saving equipment improvement companies to provide comprehensive net zero solutions and becoming a professional consulting partner in companies’ pursuit of net zero transformation.

Innovative Solar PV Smart Financial Services porvided by SinoPac Holdings


 Sustainable (GSS) Bonds Issued

Bank SinoPac has issued 6 sustainable bonds since the government launched green bonds in 2017. The cumulative issuance of sustainable bonds totaled NT$10.4 billion.