Risk Management Culture

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Risk Management Culture

Shaping a Risk Management Culture

To effectively improve the quality of risk management, the Risk Management Division of SinoPac Holdings evaluates the implementation status of risk management by subsidiaries each year in the terms of "Risk Management Mechanisms", "Risk Management Awareness Education and Training", and "Risk Incident Reporting". The subsidiaries prepare the "Annual Enhanced Focus" plan each year and report the implementation of key work items and achievement rates each quarter. The results of assessments are used as the basis for determining the annual performance of subsidiaries. Performance evaluations for risk management personnel of SinoPac Holdings and its subsidiaries are based on the Employee Evaluation Guidelines, and a rating is assigned to each employee based on his/her annual work performance, goal attainment, and attendance.

SinoPac Holdings Internal Control Indicators and Weight Linked with Performance Evaluation

SinoPac Holdings' Actions for Shaping Risk Culture