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Competence Cultivation and Development

SinoPac Holdings insists on providing the best competence cultivation programs for employees to create the strongest workplace performance with the aim of inspiring the infinite potential of SinoPac employees, and creating the optimal learning environment and atmosphere. providing guidance for the growth of both employees and the organization, and creating an optimal learning environment and atmosphere.  The Company continues optimization and innovation of the competence cultivation program and focuses on three major categories, namely professional training courses, project training courses, and management skill training courses. The Company organizes training courses and tracks the effectiveness of training with the aim of using diverse course programs to enhance the competitiveness of SinoPac's talents.

SinoPac Holdings establishes a competence development structure and provides training combine with practical work guidance, and improve career development to integrate employees' career development and corporate development based on the employees' needs for different stages of their career development. The training programs correspond to development trends in finance, corporate visions and strategies, customer experience requirements, and career development for current roles, and continue to strengthen competence training and multiple learning channels according to different career development stages. Competence development is focused on training for new employees, professional training, experience cultivation, and self-development. SinoPac Holdings also offers collective training, On-Job training, and advanced development options. SinoPac Holdings adopted the Kirkpatrick Model created by Donald L. Kirkpatrick to monitor the effectiveness of training. It uses four levels of training to monitor the specific effectiveness and related quantified data in talent development programs.

1.New employee training program:  Plan professional course training and practical exercise experience to lay a solid financial strength.
2.Management talent training plan: The curriculum is planned according to the management level, including the reserve management training plan, ”Senior Executive Development Plan”, and “Management Competency Development Plan”, so as to fully enrich the management strength.
3.Self-development Program: Formulate “Course subsidy” for advanced education to keep pace with the times. SinoPac Holdings encourages employees to enhance their work skills and provides job-related tuition subsidies, to create professional competitiveness.

SinoPac Holdings focused on digital innovation, corporate university program and management talent pool training program for its professional training to comprehensively enhance professional knowledge and ability.


Fintech and Digital Transformation
Training Program


Professional Competence Developmten


Investment in management talent training

Ø Digital Transformation Project
Ø Digital Talent Development Program
Ø Digital Seminars
Ø FinTech Annual Meeting
Ø Digital practice experience:Podcast、Digital Contents

ØCorporate University Program:Career Path+Training Roadmap
Ø8 programs have been established, comprising 53 courses covering the skills required by different positions such as corporate banking, wealth management, retail finance, operations, auditing, compliance, risk management, human resources, and digital finance.

ØSenior Executive Development Plan

Ø EMBA+ and EMBA Program

Ø Management Competency Development Plan

Ø SinoPac Excellence Leadership Academy