Emerging Risk Management

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  • Emerging Risk Management
Emerging Risk Management

SinoPac Holdings established the "Emerging Risk Management Guidelines" and implemented management mechanisms for the identification, measurement, monitoring, reporting, and mitigation measures for emerging risks accordingly. Since 2019, the Company has referenced related reports on emerging risks published by external institutions each year to identify emerging risks. The Company also compiles feedback from subsidiaries, identifies emerging risks at the group level, and establishes mitigation plans to prepare in advance.

Emerging Risk Identification Procedures

Emerging Risk Identification Results

SinoPac Holdings compiles the emerging risks submitted by the subsidiaries and considers the possibility of occurrence and the level of impact to identify the emerging risks of the Group. Among them, two major long-term potential risks, namely "Potential risks of the adoption of new technologies in operations (e.g., generative AI)" and "geopolitical conflicts" have more significant impact on SinoPac Holdings and the Company formulated related mitigation and management measures.