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Privacy and Security

Privacy Policy

SinoPac Holdings established the "Customer Information Confidentiality Measures" to protect customers' personal data and privacy. The Company announced the methods for the collection, scope, and use of customers' personal information, and the information security and retention methods. SinoPac Holdings also established the "Personal Data Protection Policy and Archive Maintenance Measures" to implement regulations for the use of personal data. The “Supplier Corporate Social Responsibility Code of Conduct” established by SinoPac Holdings also requires third-party suppliers to reasonably protect business information and personal data to ensure that the Company and individual privacy are not damaged due to data leaks.

Personal Data Notices to Customers

The collection of all personal data of customers by SinoPac Holdings is conducted in accordance with the “Financial Holding Company Act”, “Rules Concerning Cross-Selling by Financial Holding Company Subsidiaries”, Personal Data Protection Act”, and other related laws and regulations. SinoPac Holdings performs its obligations for providing notice to customers regarding the collection of their personal data in the "Customer Personal Data Confidentiality Measures" published on the official website. The items specified in the notice are as follows: