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Please refer to Chapter 1 "Climate Governance" of the "2022 TCFD Report" for more details.

The Board of Directors of SinoPac Holdings is the highest governance unit for climate-related issues. It bears the ultimate supervision and management responsibilities for climate-related issues. The Company has set up the "Sustainable Development Committee" and the "Risk Management Committee" under the governance of the Chairman to take charge of critical issues such as the supervision and management of sustainable development and climate change.

The Chairman serves as the chairperson of the Sustainable Development Committee, with the President of SinoPac Holdings and the chairmen and presidents of major subsidiaries serving as members. The Committee manages action plans and targets for climate change-related risks and opportunities to fulfill SinoPac Holdings' sustainability commitment to "mitigating and adapting to climate change". The implementation status is reported to the Board of Directors every six months. The Chairman also serves as the chairperson of the Risk Management Committee. An independent director and the President of SinoPac Holdings and the Chairman of Bank SinoPac serve as members. The Committee manages climate change risks to strengthen climate resilience. SinoPac Holdings incorporated climate change risks into the "Risk Management Policy" and established the "Guidelines for the Management of Climate-Related Risks and Opportunities" to improve the management mechanisms of climate risks and opportunities.

Since 2021, the Risk Management Division of SinoPac Holdings has disclosed the overall climate change risks (including physical risks and transition risks related metrics) in the quarterly Risk Management Report and reported them to the Risk Management Committee and the Board of Directors. The Risk Management Committee has set up the "TCFD team" and the Risk Management Division serves as the organizing unit to formulate the climate risk management standards and establish climate risk management mechanisms. It discusses the progress, reviews KPI implementation status, and reports to the Risk Management Committee and the Board of Directors each quarter. The TCFD team discloses and manages climate information in accordance with the four major aspects of TCFD, including governance, strategy, risk management, and metrics and targets.

Climate Governance Structure

The TCFD Team has four main tasks, which include "specifying quantitative scenario analyses and financial impacts," "establishing corresponding operational strategies, financial plans, and mitigation and adaption measures for climate resilience," "formulating metrics and targets," and "compiling TCFD reports."