Energy and Resource Management

  • Environmental Policy
  • Energy and Resource Management
Energy and Resource Management
  • Greenhouse Gas Management

Since 2018, SinoPac Holdings has implemented the greenhouse gas inventory using the operational control approach to obtain information on total greenhouse gas emissions of SinoPac Holdings and its subsidiaries. In 2019, the coverage of ISO14064-1 GHG inventory certification increased to 40%, and it was further expanded to all operating sites (100%) in 2020.In regard to the fact that the GHG inventory certification coverage has reached 100% and the boundary of inventory was completed, The original base year of SinoPac Holdings’ were 2018, but it adjusted to 2020 in 2021. The reduction target is set to reduce carbon emissions by 1% in energy saving and carbon reduction every year, and will achieve net zero emissions goals in 2030 through energy conservation and carbon reduction, use of renewable energy and renewable energy certificates.

  • Energy Management

SinoPac Holdings introduced ISO50001:2018 Energy Management System in 2019 for the first time to manage energy efficiency, and the two of the Company’s self-owned buildings has adopted the system in 2020, reaching the coverage to 16.2%. In 2021, SinoPac Holdings implemented ISO50001:2018 to the third self-owned building to achieve the goal of increasing the coverage of certification to 22% and continuously monitor and measure the performance of energy conservation measures based on the key characteristics of operations.

In light of the national energy policy, SinoPac Holdings has set an annual goal of reducing electricity consumption by 1% since 2018.

  • Waste Management

Waste from the office buildings of SinoPac Holdings and its subsidiaries is mainly domestic waste. Recyclable waste is divided into four categories: paper, bottles, iron and aluminum cans, and IT equipment. All general and recyclable waste is shipped by qualified contractors to incinerators or recycling sites for disposal. The paper waste is collected and managed by the responsible unit of the Company and handled in accordance with the document destruction rules before handed over to the paper manufacturer for disposal as recycled paper raw material.

The waste of electronic product waste is handled in accordance with internal information safety rules, and any digital data related to customer information is also kept secure and confidential and destroyed in accordance with the internal rules and procedures.

  • Water Resources Management

The water resources consumed by SinoPac Holdings and its subsidiaries are mainly tap water, and mainly used for drinking, air conditioning, and cleaning. There is no groundwater or other sources of water supply. SinoPac Holdings will continuously take relevant water conservation measures to reduce average water consumption by 1% per year.