Social Involvement Strategy

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Social Involvement Strategy

Upholding the spirit of " benefitting from society and giving back to society", SinoPac Holdings established the "Social Involvement Team" under the Sustainable Development Committee. It organizes the philanthropic activities of the Group and subsidiaries and uses the core financial competencies of the Group to give back to society. Activities planned were aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and focused on three action plans including promoting cultural equality, raising public’s climate awareness, and supporting charity organizations/social enterprises and the employment of vulnerable groups. The three action plans support SinoPac Holdings' three sustainability commitments.

Promoting Cultural Equality

SinoPac Holdings focuses on culture promotion for children, youths, and the elderly to promote cultural equality. In cultural events, SinoPac Holdings provides wealth management education and financial services to potential customers who are less skilled or experienced in wealth management while increase the growth of SinoPac’s businesses and products like “mma Children Accounts”, diversified payment tools, and elderly customers. SinoPac Holdings works with educational institutions and social enterprises to create a better environment for artists by supporting arts, culture, and aesthetic education activities while encourage people to respect the elderly and provide children in rural areas opportunities to learn about art.

Raise Climate Awareness

SinoPac Holdings promotes the "SinoPac Life" concept for protecting the environment in daily life and encourages the public and customers to participate in environmental protection actions. SinoPac Holdings also delivers environmental protection concepts to customers through education, initiatives, and business services to increase their awareness of the Company's dedication to sustainability and support for its green operation policies.

Support Charity Organizations/Social Enterprises and the Employment of Vulnerable Populations

SinoPac Holdings continues to work with non-profit organizations (NPOs) to create job opportunities for people with disabilities and enhance their citizenship rights as members of the society with core financial competencies. SinoPac Holdings will continue to increase the number of sheltered workshops cooperated to purchase products produced by them and support the employment of vulnerable groups.