Promoting Cultural Equality

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  • Promoting Cultural Equality
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Promoting Cultural Equality

To promote cultural equality, SinoPac Holdings is committed to reducing any form of inequality inside and outside the organization and putting efforts to protect publics’ right to learn and enjoy art, regardless of gender, wealth, race, so as to achieve social equality and justice. In the future, SinoPac Holdings will continue to support children’s arts and aesthetic education activities and apply digital platforms to increase the opportunity for children in urban-rural to contact with arts. In addition, SinoPac Holdings will promote cultivation projects in cooperation with educational units and social enterprises in order to create a better environment for arts, providing art workers a room for development in Taiwan and around the world, and encourage the respect for elderly, while deepening community involvement and to promote the music of the elderly and present it in a variety of ways.

Promoting Performing Arts and Sociocultural Power

Since 2008, Bank SinoPac has been sponsoring "Taipei Children's Arts Festival" hosted by Department of Cultural Affairs and organized by Taipei City Government for 14 consecutive years. In 2021, in order to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on performances, Bank SinoPac continued to support "Taipei Children's Arts Festival" by online broadcasting 6 serial shows including "Storytelling with Theater Parents" and "Stories You Haven't Heard" on LINE TV "Arts and Culture Performance Hall". The free broadcast has attracted nearly 400 thousand people to watch the online performance, providing children with an online theater to enjoy the wonderful performances of Taiwanese art teams.

Cultivating Aesthetics and Wealth Management Concept from Childhood

Bank SinoPac continued to invest in cultivating the sense of art of the next generation by sponsoring "Collaboration between Arts and Other Sectors – The Overview of Outreach Aesthetic Education Project" organized by National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying) since 2019. Bank SinoPac further extended the reach of arts, culture, and financial education throughout Taiwan. In 2021, the Company held "Let's Go to the Theater" with National Taichung Theater, inviting high school students to enjoy the performance that fused traditional theatre with contemporary puppetry by "Jin Kwei Lo Puppetry Company." The integrated performance reflects the spirit of innovation in traditional art. SinoPac Volunteers also use anime characters to lead students to learn financial knowledge and financial management concepts, turning the theater into a learning playground. Bank SinoPac launched "mma Children Account" in 2014, a specially designed wealth management account for children under 18 so that parents can manage the account with their child together and develop a good habit of saving and financial management from an early age with the right concept and appropriate financial tools.

Result of the Social Return on Investment

SinoPac Holdings has adopted "Social Impact Evaluation System" and used Social Return on Investment (SROI) analysis to evaluate the social impact created by "Let's Go to the Theater". The result of SROI was 2.66, which means that every NT$1 invested yielded NT$2.66 in value created for the society, creating more than twice the social impact. With "Let's Go to the Theater", audiences under age of 18 were able to understand the diversity of art, effectively stimulate observation, imagination, and creativity, enhance their artistic and cultural literary, and establish positive values through the performances; performing artists were able to reduce time and financial pressure, and increase exposure opportunities and sense of achievement. Fusing aesthetic education and financial education, "Let's Go to the Theater" has received great recognition from the participants. In the future, SinoPac Holdings will continue to expand the promotion of art and culture education and financial knowledge to enhance the artistic and cultural literacy and performing environment in Taiwan and exert social impact.

Rebirth of Diverse Elderly Culture

Since 2018, SinoPac Holdings has been holding outdoor charity concerts, "Your Con¬cert," with Hsieh Ming-Yu, Pun Car Band, and Southern Winds studio, who share the same philosophies. The concerts were dedicated to the elderly, singing songs that soothed their hearts, and expressing gratitude and care for their life-long dedication to Taiwan. In the past four years, 24 "Your Concert" have been held, spanning 20 communities across Taiwan. In 2021, during the pandemic, online live broadcasts were used to deliver mem¬orable songs, which were highly recognized by the elderly and netizens, attracting more than 65,000 people participated. In addition, SinoPac Holdings has sponsored "Song of Life Cocreation" since 2019. The Golden Melody Award winner, Hsieh Ming-Yu, along with professional teachers of community theater and the elderly jointly participated in musical creation. A total of six “Songs of Life” have been created in three-year time and were recorded by the elderly in the album "Old Days," which was released and published on the music streaming platform in 2021. This will become valuable pop-cultural assets and the first music creation to record the development of Taiwan's community with pop¬ular music.

In addition, Bank SinoPac has supported "Home from Above" program since 2019 and cooperated with Program the World Association to hold "Home from Above.Sustainable Harvest" program in 2021. The program accompanied children to explore the community with field trips and focus on the people and things in their hometowns to help them un¬derstand the local culture and ecology. Children were provided with photography drones to see a different side of their hometowns from above, and to shoot, edit, and introduce their hometowns from various perspectives, so as to establish children's identification with their hometowns. A call for submissions was held for the first time in 2021. A total of 6 schools have been selected and 9 groups of young directors have joined the hometown shooting program. In response to the changes in the pandemic, online teaching videos were used to allow children to take aerial photography and video production courses at home. Teachers and students were thus given equal opportunities to learn photography and document their hometowns with technology.