Promoting Cultural Equality

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  • Promoting Cultural Equality
  • Promoting Social Common Prosperity
Promoting Cultural Equality

To promote cultural equality, SinoPac Holdings is committed to reducing any form of inequality inside and outside the organiza­tion and putting efforts to protect the publics’right to learn and enjoy art, regardless of gender, wealth, or race, to achieve social equality and justice. The Company will continue to use core business operations and the professional resources of SinoPac Volun­teers to support children's art and cultural education activities. SinoPac Holdings will work with education and social enterprises to promote long-term intensive cultivation programs. To attain the goal of " Together, a better life", SinoPac Holdings expanded the collaboration with townships, communities, and schools in 2023 to enhance the financial literacy education for rural areas and disadvantaged groups and jointly create a better environment for culture and art. The Company also encourage people to respect the elderly and intensify community building to promote musical performances by the elderly in diverse settings.

Promoting Performing Arts and Sociocultural Power

Bank SinoPac has sponsored the "Taipei Children's Arts Festival" organized by Taipei Culture Foundation and hosted by the Taipei Performing Arts Center for the 15th year since 2008. To provide outstanding creators in Taiwan with a platform for performance and create an environment to support artistic cre­ation by children, SinoPac Holdings expanded the investment of resources in 2022 and provided the use of the SinoPac Holdings headquarter building for 8 performances in a period of 4 days. The Plan invited the general public and children to the performances of Song Song Song Children's & Puppet Theatre and the relaxing and interesting art performances drew children and parents closer to art.

Cultivating Aesthetics and Wealth Management Concept from Childhood

Bank SinoPac continued to invest in cultivating the sense of art of the next generation and expanded the reach of arts, culture, and financial education throughout Taiwan by supporting national art centers in a series of events. In 2022, SinoPac hosted the "Let's Go to the Theater" event with National Taichung Theater and invited 576 teachers and students to the Kuaibanshu "Wu Song Fights the Tiger" performed by crosstalk actors well-versed in singing and creativity. Students learned about the actual operations of a theater and glimpsed behind the scenes of the theater. That students from remote rural areas can experience performance art up-close and transform the theater into a learning playground. SinoPac Volunteers led high school students in a series of games to increase their financial knowledge. Bank SinoPac sponsored the "Collaboration between Arts and Other Sectors – The Overview of Outreach Aesthetic Education Project" organized by National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying) for the third year in 2022. Bank SinoPac invited 3,924 teachers and students from 34 schools in Southern Taiwan to the theater to view the "Dance Meets the Organ" and "Circus Gate" performances and enhance their financial literacy.

Result of the Social Return on Investment

SinoPac Holdings has adopted "Social Impact Evaluation System" and used Social Return on Investment (SROI) analysis to evaluate the social impact created by "Let's Go to the Theater". The result of SROI was 2.66, which means that every NT$1 invested yielded NT$2.66 in value created for the society, creating more than twice the social impact. With "Let's Go to the Theater", audiences under age of 18 were able to understand the diversity of art, effectively stimulate observation, imagination, and creativity, enhance their artistic and cultural literary, and establish positive values through the performances; performing artists were able to reduce time and financial pressure, and increase exposure opportunities and sense of achievement. Fusing aesthetic education and financial education, "Let's Go to the Theater" has received great recognition from the participants. In the future, SinoPac Holdings will continue to expand the promotion of art and culture education and financial knowledge to enhance the artistic and cultural literacy and performing environment in Taiwan and exert social impact.

Rebirth of Diverse Elderly Culture

SinoPac Holdings has aware that Ageing was a significant issue in Taiwan. Since 2018, SinoPac Holdings have been holding outdoor charity concerts, "Your Concert," with Hsieh Ming-Yu, Pun Car Band, and Southern Winds studio, who share the same philosophies. The concerts were dedicated to the elderly, singing songs that soothed their hearts, and expressing gratitude and care for their lifelong dedication to Taiwan. In the past five years, 29 "Your Concert" have been held, spanning 24 communities across Taiwan.

Bank SinoPac has exclusively sponsored "Song of Life Co-creation" since 2019. The Golden Melody Award winner, Hsieh Ming- Yu, along with professional teachers of community theater and the elderly jointly participated in musical creation. A total of eight “Songs of Life” have been created in four-years time and in 2021, six songs of life from 2019 to 2020 were recorded by the elderly in the album "Old Days," which was released and published on the music streaming platform.

In 2022, the project completed two songs about life including "Life in the Matsuri Float" and "Fangsysai" to preserve wonderful memories and life records for residents who were relocated to make way for the construction of Terminal 3 of Taoyuan International Airport and the elderly people of Wuhe, Ruisui Township, Hualien County.

SinoPac Holdings encourages people to respect the elderly by providing support to elderly groups. The Company used music to alleviate their anxiety and loneliness and used singing to support their physical and mental health, which was in line with SinoPac Holdings' action plan for promoting cultural equality in "reducing inequality", one of our three commitments to sustainability. SinoPac Holdings also continued to leverage our core business. SinoPac Holdings established the Anti-Deception Volunteer Group in 2022 and created diverse activities including Anti-Deception advocacy campaigns, games, and plays to teach 1,148 elderly people in remote rural areas and the people how to protect themselves from fraud with simple, fun, and easy-to-remember principles to jointly protect the properties of the elderly and the general people.

Bank SinoPac has supported the "Home from Above" project since 2019. In 2022, Bank SinoPac invited approximately one hun­dred schoolchildren to the "Home from Above - Sustainable Harvest" film festival and press conference. The young directors took to the stage and shared the unique features of their hometowns. They used sophisticated camera work to tell the stories of their hometowns and displayed the diversity and splendors of Taiwan. They also used aerial photography to offer a perspective of future hope for their hometowns. The Project have uploaded the online education videos of the aerial footages and videos to the Learn Mode education platform since 2022, and the programs have been used by 3,798 teachers. The Project used technology to support teachers and students with insufficient resources and provided them with an equal opportunity to learn photography and document their hometowns. SinoPac Holdings has always been dedicated to children's hometown exploration projects. The Company hope to use the love for the land to help children explore and document stories in their hometowns and create a bond between the children and the land. Our aim is to successfully address the issues of inter-generation families in remote rural areas of Taiwan, create a spark of hope for passing on the unique traits of the land, and encourage children living in remote rural areas to support their communities and have broader access to career choices.