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Wealth and Asset Management Business

In accordance with the "Responsible Investment Management Guidelines" of SinoPac Holdings, SinoPac SITC signed the Stewardship Principles for Institutional Investors in 2018, and further established its Stewardship Policy in September 2020, incorporating ESG factors into the investment evaluation process. Besides prohibiting investments in controversial industries, it carefully evaluates investments in sensitive industries and incorporated climate change related issues into its voting policy. The ESG risk assessment process for different asset classes was incorporated into the “Responsible Investment Management Guidelines” in 2021, and guidelines for evaluating investments in high carbon emissions industries was implemented on a trial basis. In terms of actual implementation, SinoPac SITC monitor the business situation of investee companies by attending shareholders' meetings, exercising voting rights, and engaging with senior executives.
SinoPac Holdings incorporated ESG factors into its Customer Due Diligence (CDD) and Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures for its discretionary invest¬ment business, analyzes the attributes and product suitability of wealth and asset management customers, and implements classified management.

Wealth Management and Asset Management Service CDD and KYC Procedures

Issuance of ESG Funds

SinoPac Taiwan ESG Plus Fund SinoPac SITC issued the company's first ESG fund in Taiwan's stock market "SinoPac Taiwan ESG Plus Fund" in April 2020. The fund invests in constituent stocks of the FTSE4Good TIP Taiwan ESG Index, in order to meet investors' need for wealth management that invests in sustainable growth.
SinoPac Target Exposure Taiwan ESG ETF
  • Tracking the performance of FTSE Taiwan Target Exposure ESG Index
  • Fully replicating the portfolio of benchmark index
  • The members of benchmark index are selected primarily by each company's ESG scores
SinoPac ESG Global Digital InFrastruc Fund
  • The investment list of the fund target on the digital infrastructure theme including global infrastructure stocks and REITs.
  • The investment pool filter by ESG rating, and exclude controversial industries and companies with low ESG ratings.
  • The investment targets cover the three major topics and New Ten Major Construction Projects, including data center, digital transformation and future energy.

Sustainability Fund Sales

The ESG funds that are sold of Bank SinoPac and SinoPac Securities comply with the European Union's Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), promote environmental or social factors, have a positive effect on ESG, or invest in sustainability targets, including eco-friendly funds that focus on green energy, water resources, energy trans­formation, climate change, and environmental sustainability. The Company also offers funds that promote social responsibility, smart economy, and ESG/sustainability investments, providing retail banking and wealth management customers with more diverse investment options that take ESG into consideration.

Establishment of the SinoPac+ ESG Evaluation System

SinoPac Securities Investment Service Corp. worked with a third party institution at the beginning of 2021 in establishing the SinoPac+ ESG assessment system, which comprehensively evaluates the sustainability performance and risks of companies. The SinoPac+ ESG assessment system established industry indicators and cross-industry common indicators based on the SASB industry standards and SASB SICSR, and selected SASB sustainability issues that public companies in Taiwan are all concerned about. The Company referenced international standards related to sustainability and used the CSR Report (or Sustainability Report) of companies to evaluate their ESG performance.