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Employee Compensation and Welfare

Compensation System

SinoPac Holdings provides equal opportunities for employees' appointment, promotion, performance evaluation, assignments, training, career development, and remuneration, and does not discriminate based on gender, religion, or race. SinoPac Holdings sets out the policies related to salary management in the internal regulations such as " Work Rule " and "Standards for Employee Salaries and Allowances, Overtime Payments, Awards".

  • Equal pay - The percentage (Female: Male) of base salary is 1:1; In 2022, the average salary of junior-level employees is 151% of the statutory basic salary for women, and 158% of the statutory basic salary for men, which is in line and superior to legal regulations.
  • Salary level - actively participates in global salary surveys every year to ensure the salary level is competitive in the market, which has established a positive atmosphere that encourages employees, increases profits and shares achievements. SinoPac Holdings has been selected as the constituent of "Taiwan High Compensation 100 Index" since 2014.

Welfare System

SinoPac Holdings firmly believes that talents are the core assets of a sustainable enterprise and includes the care for employee family and life as important goals. e. In addition to salary, SinoPac Holdings provides employees with benefits such as insurance coverage, health examinations, subsidies for festivals, discount mortgages, and a leave system superior to the Labor Standards Act to protect the physical and mental health of employees. SinoPac Holdings creates the friendly workplace to gather the happy employees and make sure the sustainable development.

  • Care of COVID-19 pandemic - Bank SinoPac, SinoPac Leasing and SinoPac Venture Capital has launched SinoPac Baby-Care System, increasing childbirth subsidy to NT$6,888 per child, and fully subsidize the fixed hospital medical insurance for employee's child who is aged 0-7, so that employees can feel at ease to raise up new generation. In addition, provides prenatal vitamin and probiotics during COVID-19 pandemic to strengthen female employee's immunity system during pregnancy.
  • Friendly parental leave policies – In 2022, the ratio of employee of SinoPac who is eligible for parental leave was 16.4%, the reinstatement rate was 83.9% and the retention rate was 86.2%. It indicates that SinoPac Holdings has well parental leave policies and employees can balance work and life.

 Retirement System

 The Company provides employees with a secure pension system and makes regular contributions to the statutory pension fund in accordance with the Labor Standards Act and the Labor Pension Act to ensure employee pension benefits and the quality of life of retired employees. The implementations are as below:

  • Employees at SinoPac Holdings and its domestic subsidiaries, to which the Labor Pension Act applies, are subject to a government-administered defined contribution plan, where the company contributes 6% of the employee's salary to the employee's personal pension account placed under the Bureau of Labor Insurance. For employees who choose to make voluntary contributions to the pension plan, the company will deduct monthly contributions from their salaries according to their voluntary contribution rate and remit the contributions to their personal pension account placed under the Bureau of Labor Insurance.
  • For employees at SinoPac Holdings and its domestic subsidiaries to which the Labor Standards Act applies, monthly contributions are made by the company to the employee retirement reserve fund, where the Supervisory Committee of Labor Retirement Reserve is responsible for depositing the funds into the dedicated accounts under the Department of Trust at Bank of Taiwan and Bank SinoPac in its name.