Raising Climate Awareness

  • Raising Climate Awareness
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Raising Climate Awareness

SinoPac Holdings shapes the environmental protection culture of "SinoPac Life" by launching "SinoPac Life" online platform in 2019. Through various channels such as education promotion, advocacy activities, and business services to encourage employees, customers, and the general public to practice green actions in their lives, SinoPac Holdings designated the 17th of each month as "SinoPac Environmental Day" and encouraged employees to start taking small steps daily for a sustainable planet, showing the determination of loving the earth with real actions from the inside out.

SinoPac Life, Restore Our Earth

Since 2019, SinoPac Holdings has responded to "Earth Day - A Million Acts of Green" campaign initiated by Taiwan Environmental Information Association for three consecutive years. In 2021, SinoPac Holdings continued to adopt "SinoPac Life - A Million Acts of Green" initiative to transform green actions into habits. A series of environmental protection-theme activities were launched on the 17th of each month to advocate the notion of "Restore Our Earth" in an easy-to-understand way. The Company also sponsored 5 environmental lectures of "Restore Our Taiwan" to jointly restore Taiwan through environmental education and raise public awareness toward land and ecology.

With the aim of conveying the notion through photography and evoking public sentiment on the protection of the environment, photograph submissions on "Love the Earth Environmental Protection Photography" were solicited internally. Employees were invited to capture moments of environmentally friendly actions in any of the six earth restoration themes of food, clothing, housing, transportation, education, and entertainment. 13 Outstanding pieces of the photograph were selected and assembled into "2022 SinoPac Holdings Desk Calendar", hoping to capture the appearance of green life through the lens and arouse the public's emotion for environmental protection.

Working Together for a Sustainable Planet

In order to raise the public's climate awareness, Bank SinoPac sponsored "2021 Taiwan SDGs Action Days" event organized by Paper Windmill Arts and Educational Foundation in 2021. SDGs were incorporated into the combination of art, drama, games, and knowledge to engage both parents and children, creating various creative situational spaces to understand the importance of environmental sustainability and work together towards the global goal of sustainability.

In 2021, 151 SinoPac Volunteers participated in coastal cleanup activities in Taoyuan Guanyin Beach and Laomei Green Reef in Shimen, New Taipei City, and a total of 88 kilograms of marine waste were cleaned, returning beautiful beaches to the nature. Under the guidance of Formosa County, SinoPac Volunteers organized second-hand makeup to give new life and find new owners for these products, practicing the spirit of recycling and reducing damage to the environment.