Customer Information Confidentiality Measures


SinoPac Financial Holdings Company Limited (the "Company") and its subsidiaries (collectively, the "Group") collect, process and use customer information in accordance with the Financial Holding Company Act, the Regulations Governing The Cross-Marketing among Subsidiaries of Financial Holding Companies, the Personal Information Protection Act and other related laws and regulations and interpretations. The Group hereby states that its subsidiaries collect, process and use customer information that they share among themselves in accordance with related laws and regulations and take stringent confidentiality measures for such information. The Group hereby undertakes to share such information in accordance with the following statements:

  1. Methods for Collecting Customer Information
    The Group collects customer information for transactions and marketing activities. It does so with a customer's consent or based on provisions in contractual agreements signed by the customer according to related laws and regulations. Public information and legal data disclosed by government agencies or provided by authorized third parties are also collected.

  2. Methods for Storing and Retaining Customer Information
    Customer information is securely stored in the Group's databases or the data storage systems of a third party which is authorized by the Group to manage the information systems. Anyone, under the laws and regulations and in accordance with the Group's data management guidelines, is only allowed to access data with authority granted based on his/her job role. No third parties may obtain or change customer information without proper authorization.

  3. Methods for Securing and Protecting Information
    Customer information is stored in the Group's data processing systems and properly maintained. The Group adopts stringent safeguards against unauthorized access to protect customer information from any improper acquisition or destruction.

  4. Classification, Scope and Items for Use of Customer Information
    Customer information is classified into a customer's basic information, accounting information, credit information, investment information and insurance information as follows:
    (1) Basic information: name, date of birth, ID card number/unified business number, phone number, address, and email address.
    (2) Accounting information: account number or number of similar functions, credit card number or debit card number, savings account number, and transaction account number, as well as information on deposits and loans, other transactions and financial status.
    (3) Credit information: records of bounced checks, cancellations and refusals of service and information on business operations.
    (4) Investment information: investments or sales of investment instruments, and the amount and time of such transactions.
    (5) Insurance information: type, duration, coverage, and payment method of insurance policy.

  5. Purpose of Using Customer Information
    To provide customers a diversity of comprehensive financial products and services, the Group discloses, transfers or shares customer information for marketing activities (including cross-marketing), for contracted services provided by third parties, or subject to laws or regulatory approval.

  6. Parties of Disclosure of Customer Information
    As permitted by laws or with a customer's consent, customer information may be shared and disclosed within the Group. Except for third parties contracted by the Group to provide services or expectations as otherwise provided, customer information will not be disclosed to any other third parties.

  7. Methods for Changing and Updating Customer Information
    Customers may change personal information by contacting the service locations of the subsidiaries with which they have business dealings. Unless otherwise specified by law, customers may contact any customer service center of the Group to change personal information as well.

  8. Notification of Methods for Opt-out
    Customers can notify the subsidiaries of the Group in writing, by e-mail or by calling the customer service center to request their information not to be shared for cross-marketing activities. Once a subsidiary has received such a request, it will stop sharing customer information for marketing activities as soon as possible within a reasonable number of business days.

  9. Miscellaneous
    These Confidentiality Measures take effect from the date of the announcement. The Group will amend these Confidentiality Measures as necessary and announce the amendments publicly in response to technological advances and social, environmental and regulatory changes.
    These Confidentiality Measures are published on the websites of the Group and its subsidiaries. Any changes in the list of subsidiaries due to organizational changes will be announced on the website of the Group and its subsidiaries.

  10. List of Subsidiaries Sharing Customer Information
    Bank SinoPac
    SinoPac Securities
    SinoPac Venture Capital
    SinoPac Futures
    SinoPac Leasing
    SinoPac SITC
    SinoPac Securities Investment Service Corporation