SinoPac Leasing


Cross-straits Reach, Cooperation across Branches to Achieve a Complete Financial Services Network

SinoPac Leasing Corporation (SinoPac Leasing) wad established in 1997, mainly engages in the finance leasing business and provides customers with a wide range of flexible financial services. SinoPac Leasing has actively expanded across Asia Pacific as its high-quality services are available at 12 service locations set up in Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia. In 2011, SinoPac Leasing established a wholly-owned finance leasing company, SinoPac International Leasing Corporation, in Nanjing. In 2020, SinoPac Leasing established SinoPac Capital International (HK) Limited in Hong Kong. In order to strengthen its foothold in Taiwan, SinoPac Leasing set up the Taichung and Kaohsiung branches in 2020, with a view to seizing business opportunities quickly and serving local customers.

SinoPac Leasing works closely with clients in each stage of their corporate development, providing installment sale and purchases, leases, real estate leases, and other financing services with the main customer base being customers that require capital financing such as for equipment leases.