Qualification of Independent Directors

1、Method of Nomination and Election
The Company's Articles of Incorporation stipulate that the Company's Board of Directors be made up of seven to eleven members, of which the number of Independent Directors shall not be less than three. The nomination system shall be adopted and the candidates shall be elected at the shareholders' meeting in accordance with regulations. The Independent Directors' professional qualifications, shareholding and part-time restrictions, determination of independence, nomination and selection methods, and other matters of compliance shall be subject to the relevant regulations of the competent securities authorities.
A total of seven candidates, including three Independent Directors, shall be nominated for the 8th appointed Board of Directors of the Company, and in accordance with the provisions of Article 192-1 of the Company Law, the nomination method for the Directors shall be stated in the notice of the general meeting of shareholders. Shareholders who hold more than one-hundredth of the total number of shares can submit a list of Director candidates to the company in writing, and the number of nominees shall not exceed the number of directors to be selected.
2、Nomination Process
During the nomination of Director candidates, no list of candidates for Independent Directors was submitted by shareholders holding more than one percent of the shares. The Board of Directors then nominated, reviewed, and approved of Mr. Wei-ta PAN, Ms. Huey-jen SU, and Ms. Wen-ling MA as candidates for the 8th Independent Director positions at the 4th meetings of the 7th appointed Board of Directors in 2020.
3、Candidate Information
Number Name Education Positions Held Concurrently Key Previous Positions
1.  Wei-ta PAN Juris Doctor (J.D.), University of Nebraska


˙Independent Director, SinoPac Holdings

˙President, Soochow University

˙Professor of Law, Law School, Soochow University

˙Independent Director, Radium Life Tech. Co., Ltd.

˙Vice President, Red Cross Society of the Republic of China (Taiwan)

˙Board Member of Modern Women's Foundation

˙Director, ESGWD Of Taichung City

˙Independent Director of China Life

˙Independent Director of Quanta Computer

˙Independent Director of Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation

˙Dean of Law School, Soochow University

˙Chair of Department of Law, Soochow University

˙Dean of Student Affairs, Soochow University

˙Member of Fair Trade Quarterly Editorial Board

˙Member of Central Election Committee

˙Member of Taipei City Government Regulation Commission

˙Member of Consultation Committee, Mainland Affairs Council

˙Member of Legal Affairs Committee and Administrative Appeal Review Committee, Public Construction Commission

2. Huey-jen SU Sc.D., Environmental Health Sciences, School of Public Health, Harvard University

˙Distinguished Professor, Department of Environmental and Occupational Health, Medical College, National Cheng Kung University

˙Committee, The ROC National Committee for PSA

˙Board Director, National Applied Research Laboratories

˙Board Director, Foundation For The Advancement of Outstanding Scholarship

˙Committee, National Environmental Education, Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan, Taiwan

˙Committee, Promotion of the International Mandarin Language Education, Ministry of Education

˙President, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan

˙Chairperson, Foundation for International Cooperation in Higher Education of Taiwan

˙Chairperson, Presidents' Forum of Southeast and South Asia and Taiwan Universities

˙Advisor, International Advisory Board of the Tohoku Forum for Creativity

˙Standing Committee, The Committee of Future Earth, Academia Sinica, Taipei

˙Convener, The 25th-26th National Quality Award

˙Final Review Committee, National Industrial Innovation Award Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C.

˙President, Academia-Industry Consortium For Southern Taiwan Science Park

3. Wen-ling MA   Independent Director of SinoPac Holdings

˙CEO, Nomura Asset Management, Taiwan

˙General Manager, Aberdeen Standard Investments, Taiwan

˙Head of Distribution, Aberdeen Standard Investments, Taiwan

˙Managing Director and General Manager of Wealth Management, Standard Chartered Bank, Taiwan

˙Executive Director and Head of Investment Products and Services, UBS Taiwan

˙Head of Wealth Management, HSBC Taiwan

˙Head of Investment & Insurance, HSBC Taiwan

˙Manager, Investment Strategies Development, Consumer Banking, Citibank Taiwan

4、Election Results
Title Elected person
Independent Director Chi SCHIVE 
Independent Director James J. SHEU
Independent Director Wei-Ta PAN