Corporate Identity


SinoPac Holdings' Corporate Identity System ("CIS") is centered on the Chinese character "yuen". The design of a square and rectangles (the combination of which becomes "yuen") within a circle not only projects the image of a coin but also implies the Chinese philosophic view of the universe. The Golden Ratio of 5:8 and the red background with "yuen" in white color manifest an interesting combination of varieties.

SinoPac Holdings' CIS logo was designed by Professor Guo-Zong Chao, Former Director of Dept. of Fine Arts of Taipei National University of the Arts. The logo also incorporates the following features:

  1. "Yuen" stands for perpetual prosperity;
  2. "Yuen" has the eight individual brush strokes which are the foundation of all Chinese characters;
  3. "Yuen" represents endless wealth like the ever-flowing water;
  4. The round shape projects the image of a coin;
  5. It is a sure-footed and balanced design structure;
  6. It also projects the concept of "tai-chi" with balance and harmony.