Human Rights Risk Identification and Management

  • Human Rights Risk Identification and Management
  • Protection of Human Rights and Commitment
  • Diversity and Inclusiveness Workplace
Human Rights Risk Identification and Management

Implement human rights protection and effectively manage human rights risks

SinoPac Holdings recognizes and supports the principles set forth in UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, UN Guiding Principles on Business & Human Rights, UN Global Compact, and International Labor Organization Convention, and established the Human Rights Policy in 2018, emphasizing workplace human rights, providing a healthy and safe workplace, and respecting employees' freedom of association. The policy is applicable to SinoPac Holdings, subsidiaries it has substantial control over, suppliers and customers of business partners, and prevents any behavior that infringes on or violates human rights by establishing suitable management methods and procedures. SinoPac Holdings regularly conducts human rights risk due diligence, identifies major human rights risks, and takes mitigation and remedial measures based on the identification results. In the future, SinoPac Holdings will continue to monitor global human rights trends, developments in the human rights policy of domestic and overseas companies and changes in the business environment and carry out review and improvements accordingly.

In addition to internal management based on the human rights policy, SinoPac Holdings also requires its suppliers to fulfill their corporate social responsibility and respect international conventions on human rights. Besides selecting business partners and suppliers who comply with the spirit and basic principles of the human rights policy, SinoPac Holdings also established the “Supplier Corporate Social Responsibility Code of Conduct” and urged the suppliers that it frequently does business with to sign the “Supplier Corporate Social Responsibility Commitment” and require all suppliers to jointly implement social responsibilities, maintain sustainable environmental development, safeguard basic human rights, and abide by business ethics. SinoPac Holdings periodically conducts on-site inspection to grasp the status of suppliers' labor rights management, clarify the current understanding and cognition of human rights issues, and builds long-term partnerships with suppliers that achieve good performance. Suppliers found in violation may even lose their supplier qualifications.

Human Rights Due Diligence Process and Results

SinoPac Holdings has conducted regular human rights assessment by reviewing its operations and value chain (including suppliers and customers) and collecting the opinions of major stakeholders on human rights risks, and identifying human rights issues based on the “impact” and “likelihood”. SinoPac Holdings evaluate potential risk groups based on the identification results of major human rights issues at each node of the value chain and propose corresponding human rights mitigation and remediation measures, and continue to optimize the Human Rights Policy.

Human Rights Risk Identification Questionnaire