Promoting Social Common Prosperity

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  • Promoting Social Common Prosperity
Promoting Social Common Prosperity

To promote common prosperity, SinoPac Holdings concentrates on supporting charity orga¬nizations/social enterprises and the employment of vulnerable groups through purchasing products made by sheltered workshops to achieve the goal of "replacing charity with em-powerment". SinoPac Holdings continued to deliberate on increasing partnerships with other suitable NPOs in the future to integrate corporate and community resources to assist the em¬ployment of vulnerable groups and practice citizenship for social participation. In addition, Bank SinoPac and SinoPac Securities donated NT$ 30 million to establish SinoPac Foundation for charitable causes and obtained the approval of nonprofit entity by the competent author¬ity, which are Ministry of Health and Welfare and Taipei District Court in 2021. With the core thinking of ESG, SinoPac Foundation responded to "Taiwan’s Sustainable Development Goals" by National Council for Sustainable Development Network and " Social Innovation Action Plan" by Executive Yuan, focusing on "land and people", upholding the principle of ecological friendliness and sustainable development, connecting goodwill and professional resources, and fostering the seeds of social welfare innovation, so as to provide the circular dynamics of humane and economic life.

Supporting Charity Activities with Action Power

SinoPac Holdings launched "Lunchbox Project" with Children Are Us Foundation for the fourth year, participated by SinoPac's employees, family members, and customers spontaneously, creating double benefits with one action. It did not only support the cultivation of sheltered workshops but also brought love to children in remote villages. Children Are Us Foundation has joined " SinoPac Donation Platform " since 2020. The 24-hour online service allows dona¬tions not limited by time and space and can be supported in a single or fixed amount accord¬ing to the donor's own ability. In 2021, more than 2,500 people donated through " SinoPac Do¬nation Platform " and raised more than 4 million lunchboxes to help more than 6,000 children with nutritional supplements, so that action continued to support self-reliance of mentally challenged children and care for children in remote areas in the pandemic.

In 2021, SinoPac volunteers also went to Minsheng Workshop of Children Are Us Foun¬dation to make biscuits together with mentally challenged children. The Company also joined hands with the supplier, Wholly Rich Enterprise, to support charity organizations and entrusted the assembly of the souvenirs of the shareholders’ meeting to Children Are Us Foundation, providing job opportunities. Through vocational rehabilitation and job coaching, the intellectual and physical abilities of the workers can be improved, enhance working abilities and selfreliance, so as to integrate into society for services.

Leveraging Influence to Fight the Pandemic

In 2021, Bank SinoPac and SinoPac Securities jointly donated about NT$29,858 thousand worth of cash, supplies, and equipment to be hand in hand with the public for combating the pandemic and overcoming these difficult times with the assistance of the enterprises. A total of four Positive Pressure Testing Booths were donated to Hsinchu City Govern¬ment, Taichung City Government, and Tainan City Government. On top of that, two Hyper Light Disinfection Robots were donated to complement the environmental disinfection of high-risk areas such as negative pressure isolation rooms in hospitals such as Taipei City Hospital, Renai Branch to reduce the risk of infection due to incomprehensive manual disinfection.

SinoPac Holdings cooperated with Taiwan Fund for Children and Families and Boyo Social Welfare Foundation to donate 980 computer equipment to the disadvantaged children and youths living in rural areas with insufficient resources, narrowing the gap of digital learning between urban and rural areas, and enabling the students to have equal oppor¬tunities in digital learning and ensure uninterrupted learning.

In terms of food supplies, SinoPac Holdings collaborated with Alliance of Taiwan Foodbanks, Mennonite Social Welfare Foundation, National Chengchi University, Andrew Charity Association, and Eden Social Welfare Foundation to provide food and resources to the homeless, disadvantaged families, the people living in rural areas, and the elderly living alone. Pandemic prevention resources and daily meals were provided via these community relations and social care networks which have been established over a long period of time, a total of 6,056 vegetable and fruit vouchers were donated to gain flexibility in the time of use by utilizing the mechanism of a voucher. Some of these organizations supported local businesses through the establishment of a production chain of pandemic prevention food packs and the creation of short-term job opportunities such as delivery workers, essentially playing an important role in the support of the local communities during the pandemic by alleviating the economic pressure of low-in¬come families.