Employee Communication

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Employee Communication

SinoPac encourages employees to communicate with the company and established various internal communication and grievance channels while conducted employee engagement surveys regularly to understand their opinions and jointly improve the workplace. To keep the communication between the Company and its employees smooth and effective, SinoPac established the Labor Union to conduct the collective bargaining in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. Please find section “4.4.1 Harmonious Labor-Management Relations” and “4.4.2 Employee Communication” in 2022 Sustainability Report of SinPac Holdings for more details.

  • Employee Communication and Grievance Channels

To listen to employees and adjust corresponding policy and the management system accordingly so that the company can provide a friendly working environment for employees to create long-term performance of the organization, SinoPac Holdings has interchangeably conducted the "Employee Engagement Survey" or " Organizational Climate Survey" every year since 2015.

Internal Communication Channels

SinoPac Holdings has established multiple internal communication channels through which employees can voice their concerns in a timely manner and managers can have a deeper understanding of their thoughts. In doing so, SinoPac Holdings intensifies employee adhesiveness and strides hand in hand towards sustainable operation.