Together, a better life.

Together, a better life.

Happy Workplace

Happy Workplace

Talent Recruitment

“Talents are the most important capital.” SinoPac Holdings spares no efforts to create the recognized core values and workplace, and provides a competitive salary and welfare system to recruit potential talents. Externally, the Company uses the industrial-academic collaboration and internship programs with universities and colleges to help students who are interested in finance take their studies into real practice, narrow down the industry-academia gap, and cultivate future talents. Internally, SinoPac Holdings provides internal hiring mechanisms based on employees' skills, organizational development, and personal career plans to encourage employees' diverse development and increase employee retention. In order to promote a positive atmosphere, SinoPac Holdings has organized the "Employee of the Year Award" since 2018 to shape a high-quality corporate culture through commendation and encouragement and to create a positive atmosphere.

Campus Recruitment
The Company participates in campus fairs and seminars, and helps students obtain sufficient and professional information at the first stage of their career development.
Industry Master Program
The Company uses systematic and structural cultivation plans along with scholarships and senior executives who serve as mentors to connect with students on campus and increase their familiarity with the Company.
Internship Program
The Company offers students internship opportunities before employment and encourages those with great performance who have qualified in examinations to continue to work at SinoPac for a swift transition to the workplace.
Enterprise Mentor Program
The Company helps students learn about banking businesses in advance and uses case studies and discussions to help students understand how to improve their competencies and attitude during the study stage to enhance their competitiveness for the future.
Enterprise Visiting
The Company provides opportunities for students to visit branches and the working environment and experience what it feels like to work at SinoPac. The Company also provides career consulting and guidance for jobseekers.

Talent Attraction

Confronting Digital Development and Promotion Strategies, SinoPac Holdings has continued to transform and upgrade. The talent recruitment policy adopts the principle of open growth and an inclusive strategy, and recruits through multiple channels to achieve diversity and integration.

  1. SinoPac Holdings actively develops a Digital FinTech Team and recruits strategy talents, overseas talents, and risk management talents and invites talents from all walks of life to explore the infinite possibilities of a financial career.

    Program name Content
    SinoPac Elite Management Trainee Program (MA/IMA/PA) SinoPac Elite Management Trainee Program focuses on four main concepts, namely professional development, experiential learning, consolidation of organizational adhesiveness, and comprehensive rotation training. It aims to cultivate the next generation of professionals in finance, corporate banking, and strategic planning to strengthen development in Taiwan and tap into foreign markets. Internships and training in overseas branches are provided in IMA to intensify the development of professional abilities. SinoPac Holdings also assigned Seniors, Mentors, and organized other mechanisms to support learning, provide high-quality and diverse career development opportunities, and accelerate trainees' growth.
    Turing Plan for AI Elites SinoPac Holdings has created a comprehensive career development path for AI talents with two-year training programs for AI technology development and AI application development along with OJT (On-Job Training) to quickly accumulate real talents, cultivate top financial AI experts, and attain SinoPac Holdings' digital transformation targets.
  2. Continuing the resource investment of winter/ summer internships and industry-academia collaboration, cultivating local talents and inspiring the progressive innovation.

    Partner University / Program Name Content
    National Chengchi University
    Credit Course
    The highest-ranking officer for product planning at SinoPac Holdings served as the lecturer in the 2-month 1-credit course to share knowledge on new development trends of the era and the future of finance to broaden students' horizons.
    National Cheng Kung University
    Industrial Technology Master's Degree Programs
    The Company partnered with the Graduate Institute of Finance and Department of Information Engineering of NCKU to create an official two-year master program focused on finance and cross-border digital integration.
    National Tsing Hua University
    Enterprise Talent Development Program
    The Company and the Career Development Center of Tsing Hua University commenced their first industry-academia collaboration with career guidance provided by senior executives to students. Under the guidance of the mentors, the graduate students at the College of Technology Management and students interested in the finance industry learned about the industry, prepared for employment, and increase their professional skills ahead of schedule.
    Business Mentor Program,
    National Chung Hsing University
    Chung Hsing University and Taipei University jointly created an inter-university career mentorship platform to help students learn about the four major businesses of banks including wealth management, corporate banking, retail banking, and digital finance to improve their professional skills.
    Enterprise Visiting The Company collaborated with National Taiwan University, National Tsinghua University, National Taipei University, National Dong Hwa University, Fu Jen Catholic University, Soochow University, Tamkang University, Shih Chien University, and Ling Tung University to increase students' familiarity with the financial industry and increase the attractiveness of a career in finance.
National Chengchi University credit course
National Tsing Hua University Enterprise Talent Development Program

Employee of the Year Award

To encourage positive actions and workplace culture, SinoPac Holdings has organized the "Employee of the Year Award" since 2018 to demonstrate care for employees. The Award adheres to the core concept of "starting from the heart" and praises employees who have demonstrated the value of “Fulfillment of a Beautiful Life Through Finance” to thank them for their dedication and contributions. The Employee of the Year Award is given to recipients regardless of their gender or title. SinoPac Holdings organized the Award to encourage learning, establish paradigms for workplace behavior, and create a positive workplace environment.

Started from 2018 as so far, the senior executives of SinoPac Holdings and subsidiaries and external experts were invited for the selection. A total of 93 representatives from thousands of domestic and overseas employees were selected and were commended for upholding the values of the organization and thanked for their high-quality innovation and thoughtful services. The Company also invited family members of winning employees to attend the event and share the moment of glory with their family.