Together, a better life.

Together, a better life.

Happy Workplace

Happy Workplace

Employee Communication

SinoPac encourages employees to communicate with the company and established various internal communication and grievance channels while conducted employee engagement surveys regularly to understand their opinions and jointly improve the workplace. To keep the communication between the Company and its employees smooth and effective, SinoPac established the Labor Union to conduct the collective bargaining in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. Please find section “4.4.1 Harmonious Labor-Management Relations” and “4.4.2 Employee Communication” in 2022 Sustainability Report of SinoPac Holdings for more details.

Employee Communication and Grievance Channels

To listen to employees and adjust corresponding policy and the management system accordingly so that the company can provide a friendly working environment for employees to create long-term performance of the organization, SinoPac Holdings has interchangeably conducted the "Employee Engagement Survey" or "Organizational Climate Survey" every year since 2015.

SinoPac Holdings Employee Survey

2019 2020 2021 2022
Satisfaction rate (Note 1) 71.4% 88.4% 87.8% 91.0%
Survey type (Note 2) Employee Engagement Survey -
Organizational Climate Survey
Coverage (%) (Note 3) 70.5% 100% 100% 100%
Response rate (%) (Note 4) 75.11% 80.13% 83.31% 82.85%
  1. The Employee Satisfaction Survey is on a scale from 1 to 7 (strongly agree) points. Items scored higher than or equal to 4 points (neutral) are counted as employee satisfaction rate.
  2. The Employee Engagement Survey includes questions regarding employees' job satisfaction, sense of identity, loyalty, connection between work contribution and company objectives, and work security. SinoPac Holdings also used questions on the actual work to learn whether employees understand the purpose of their work, whether they can attain work-life balance, and whether they can feel a sense of accomplishment at work. The components of the Organizational Climate Survey includes the organization's expectations for personal work performance (work quality and high expectations) and how employees react to stress.
  3. The coverage rate was calculated based on number of employees assessed within the scope of the survey and the total FTEs in SinoPac Holdings and its first layer of subsidiaries, excluding dispatched employees. All employees have been included in the scope of the survey since 2020 and the coverage rate is 100% for all groups.
  4. The response rate is based on the number of employees assessed and the total FTEs in SinoPac Holdings and its first layer of subsidiaries, excluding dispatched employees.

Internal Communication Channels

SinoPac Holdings has established multiple internal communication channels through which employees can voice their concerns in a timely manner and managers can have a deeper understanding of their thoughts. In doing so, SinoPac Holdings intensifies employee adhesiveness and strides hand in hand towards sustainable operation.

Communication channel Frequency Contents
SinoPac Newsletter Every two months Issued the employee magazine "SinoPac Newsletter" regularly. SinoPac Holdings reports on the expectations of senior executives, publicizes the internal activities of the organization, affirms outstanding employees, shares the work and life of employees, and conveys the warmth of the organization through pamphlets.
SinoPac Fun-Me Weekly Deliver important messages or ideas related to the organization, provide real-time internal information, and strengthen employee communication and organizational cohesion.
Communication channel Frequency Contents
Friendly workplace mailbox Permanent The direct reporting unit of the CEO set up the friendly workplace mailbox to create a smooth bilateral communication channel, help employees’ opinions to be fully expressed and effectively handled and create a friendly workplace environment.
Dedicated health service mailbox Permanent SinoPac Holdings provides health management information from time to time and assigns Employee Healthcare Specialists to create physical and mental health consultation channels to promote workplace health.
Communication channel Frequency Contents
iShare Website Permanent "iShare Website" is a platform for sharing opinions on diverse themes, including life, charity, business opportunity, and opinion collection, allowing employees to interact more with each other on different themes and facilitating more communication and interaction between employees beyond their work.
SinoPac Academy Website Permanent The website platform is provided by SinoPac Securities as a bridge for employees to express their opinions and ideas for related responsible departments to respond to employees and foster communication.
Friendly Workplace Column Permanent The Company has created an open platform to publish the terms of the collective bargaining agreements and the meetings minutes of labor-management meetings to encourage employee participation in labor-management issues and increase the transparency in labor-management communication.
Communication channel Frequency Contents
"Appointment with CEO" seminar Annually Quarterly Bank SinoPac's CEO leads the management team to carry out face-to-face seminars with employees to explain the company's operating strategies and future development while conducting Q&A. In 2022, 1 seminar was held to consolidate employees' consensus and provide assistance to their career development.

SinoPac Securities Investment Trust 's CEO convenes town hall meetings quarterly and meetings over meals with the CEO monthly to create a universal communication channel for all employees.
Communication channel Frequency Contents
Personnel Officers & Culture Instructors Permanent Proactively assist in caring for the physical and mental health of employees, listen to the needs of employees in many ways, and provide timely assistance through 203 personnel officers across Taiwan. Group activities are organized from time to time to communicate corporate culture and values.
Voice of Employees, VOE Permanent The CEO of Bank SinoPac assigns special agents to visit all departments and gather and communicate the voices of employees to the CEO to maintain a good mutual communication mechanism. A total of 15 caring actions at the head office/branches were completed in 2022 and 395 employees were interviewed. Since the start of the program to the end of 2022, the agents have interviewed 66% of the employees.
Employee Service Specialists and Employee Healthcare Specialists Permanent SinoPac Holdings assigns Employee Service Specialists and Employee Healthcare Specialists to provide each employee with a dedicated contact person, protect employees' right to work during employment and maintain physical and mental health.