Together, a better life.

Together, a better life.

Sustainable Financial Products and Services

Sustainable Financial Products and Services

Financing for Household Solar Energy Equipment

Due to the emphasis on renewable energy and reducing daily expenses, individuals and families have been installing solar photovoltaic energy equipment on their rooftops in recent years, in order to lower their dependency on electric power from Taiwan Power Company, as well as their electricity bills. Bank SinoPac plans to provide a standard product with fast approval through a project or specific distribution channel. The maximum amount of loans is 90% the appraised price of solar photovoltaic equipment, and the repayment period may be as long as 15 years, significantly lowering the barrier and increasing the willingness of investors to install solar photovoltaic equipment on their rooftops.

Green Building Mortgage

Having attached importance to environmental sustainability and climate change issues, SinoPac Holdings is actively promoting a series of actions to mitigate climate change.
With an emphasis on integration with the environment and ecology, green buildings pursue sustainable development through effective use of building resources as well as co-existence and co-prosperity with the environment through their life cycle.
Bank SinoPac has launched the "Green Building Mortgage", cordially invites customer to build a sustainable home and co-create a wonderful and eco-friendly life.

Electric Vehicle Financing

Bank SinoPac supports clean energy in Taiwan in response to the government's "Air Pollution Prevention Action Plan," and encourages customers to purchase low carbon emission (electric, hybrid) vehicles.

SinoPac SPORT Card

The "SinoPac SPORT Card" offered by Bank SinoPac is the first credit card in Taiwan to offer perks points for calories burned. The product uses a new concept that combines "big data, social network, cloud computing, and wearable devices". To develop cardholders into the habit of exercise, cardholders only need to visit the activity website to bound their wearable device, and the system uses IoT technology to provide perks points based on the number of calories burned each day, using exercise to create a better life, and allowing cardholders to accumulate wealth while improving their health.

Carbon Footprint Calculator

To promote the concept of sustainable finance, Bank SinoPac cooperated with MasterCard to introduce the “carbon footprint calculator” functions. Debit cardholders of Bank SinoPac can activate the "carbon footprint calculator" function to check the carbon emissions of each debit card transactions and awaken customers' awareness of green consumption.