Together, a better life.

Together, a better life.

Sustainable Financial Products and Services

Sustainable Financial Products and Services

Green Infrastructure Finance and ESG Products & Services

Green Financial Advisory Services

Bank SinoPac has actively developed diverse corporate green energy solutions. It restarted the financial consulting business in 2022 to provide companies with project management and consulting services for related equity and asset transactions of solar energy plants. The financial consulting business is also conducted along with other net zero projects such as matchmaking energy-saving equipment improvement companies to provide comprehensive net zero solutions and becoming a professional consulting partner in companies’ pursuit of net zero transformation.

One-stop Solution of Financial Advisory Services

Innovative Solar PV Smart Financial Services porvided by SinoPac Holdings

Created the Green Energy Trading Platform

In response to the liberalization of the green energy trading market, Bank SinoPac created the first Green Energy Trading Platform to increase the transparency and security of green energy transactions. It provides trust management mechanisms such as bid bond, deposits, and electricity payment cash flow to enhance the mutual trust between the green energy power producers, power retailer, and buyers. It also uses the Green Energy Trading Platform to provide consulting channels for the green energy power producers and retailer and expand the market of green power. In addition, it uses trust mechanisms to help manage the electricity payment cash flow and deposits for green power transactions to reduce the transactional costs and risks. It significantly increases management efficiency and increases the power purchase or the security of supplies between green energy users, power producers, and retailer to create green financial services that benefit both environmental sustainability and industrial development.

Developed the first Solar Power Plant Management System

Bank SinoPac led financial institutions in using big data, AI technologies and hybrid cloud to develop the proprietary Solar Power Plant Management System, which has four functions for power plant evaluation, asset appraisal, revenue forecast and risk assessment, analyzing key data of power plants, such as sunlight simulation of the site and historical data of nearby sites. The system can be used before making plant construction or lending decisions, and improves management efficiency before and after loans, accelerating the implementation of sustainable homeland.

With the Solar Power Plant Management System, SinoPac Holdings became the first financial institution in Taiwan to receive a patent from the Intellectual Property Office of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Sustainable (GSS) Bonds Issued

Bank SinoPac has issued 6 sustainable bonds since the government launched green bonds in 2017. The cumulative issuance of sustainable bonds totaled NT$10.4 billion.

Results of Sustainable Bonds Issued by Bank SinoPac