Together, a better life.

Together, a better life.

Customer Relations

Customer Relations

Customer Services and Feedback Mechanism

Customer Service Hotline

  • Customer service hotline:
    24-hour year-round customer service hotlines are established to provide customers with audio and dedicated personnel services. customer service specialists provide comprehensive services for inquiries, applications, fund transfer, time deposit, foreign exchange, securities and funds, etc.
  • Online customer services:
    The MMA eBanking and SinoTrade provides various inquiries and transaction functions as well as online telephone to connect to customer service personnel for services.

Smart Customer Service

Bank SinoPac adopts natural language processing technologies to provide customers with various financial services and product consultation for instantaneous one-click interactive services. The Bank can use identity verification to provide customers with multiple account functions and connect to online customer services for uninterrupted services.

Virtual Channel

Internet banking, mobile banking, official LINE account, SinoPac Securities’ Website, SinoPac Securities’ App, official Facebook page.

Physical Channel

The branch network of SinoPac Holdings' subsidiaries


Wealth management seminars, lectures or related activities are organized based on business needs to interact with customers and collect their opinions.

Website link

The official websites of SinoPac Holdings and its subsidiaries have Client Data Protection Measures, text customer services section SinoPac Chatbot-Smart Fun and 24-hour service hotline. The websites of Bank SinoPac and SinoPac Securities provide "Contracts for Cross-Sale of Products" for related parties to view their rights and interests and seek advice.