Together, a better life.

Together, a better life.

Social Involvement Strategies

Social Involvement Strategies

Fostering Common Good

To promote common prosperity, SinoPac Holdings concentrates on supporting charity organizations/social enterprises and the employment of vulnerable groups through purchasing products made by sheltered workshops to achieve the goal of "replacing charity with empowerment". SinoPac Holdings continued to deliberate on increasing partnerships with other suitable NPOs in the future to integrate corporate and community resources to assist the employment of vulnerable groups and practice citizenship for social participation. In addition, Bank SinoPac and SinoPac Securities’ Board of Directors donated NT$ 30 million to establish the “SinoPac Foundation” in 2021. With the core thinking of ESG, SinoPac Foundation responded to "Taiwan’s Sustainable Development Goals" by National Council for Sustainable Development Network, focusing on "land and people", upholding the principle of ecological friendliness and sustainable development, connecting goodwill and professional resources, and fostering the seeds of social welfare innovation, to provide the circular dynamics of humane and economic life.

Supporting Charity Activities with Action Power

SinoPac Holdings invites customers and the public to jointly support social welfare organizations in its business operations and worked with the Children Are Us Foundation in producing holiday gift boxes and meal boxes for customer seminars. By providing job opportunities for mentally challenged children, through vocational rehabilitation and job coaching, the intellectual and physical abilities of the workers can be improved, enhance working abilities and self-reliance, to integrate into society for services. In 2022, SinoPac Holdings launched the "Lunchbox Project" with the Children Are Us Foundation for the fifth year, participated by SinoPac's employees, family members, and customers spontaneously, creating double benefits with one action. Also, SinoPac Holdings launched the brand-new SinoPac Donation Platform to support fundraising campaigns for early treatment for "Development Delays in Children" and the Dr. Rednose "Christmas Charity Gift Package Fundraiser" of the Eden Social Welfare Foundation. SinoPac Volunteers took real action to support the packaging of Christmas charity gift packages of Dr. Red Nose Association, reduce the labor cost of the Association, and help volunteers learn more about the charity organization and its heritage.

SinoPac Volunteers took real action to support the packaging of Christmas charity gift packages of Dr. Red Nose Association.

SinoPac Holdings also supported the “Zero Hunger Action Plan” launched by the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan. SinoPac Holdings worked with the Taiwan Ocean Conservation and Fisheries Sustainability Foundation and invited SinoPac employees to join the fundraising program to support the meal services for the elderly and disadvantaged families in rural communities and nearby neighborhoods. The aim is to create a society of zero hunger in Taiwan, build a better life together, and attain the United Nations SDG 2 "End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture". The Company also enhanced SinoPac employees' awareness of the objectives of the activities. In 2022, 872 participants supported the program.

SinoPac Store Power Up – Empowering Local Communities

Many small stores in the corners of Taiwan have dedicated themselves to creating unforgettable stories for the local community and connecting people in the community. SinoPac Foundation launched the "SinoPac Store Power Up Project" in 2022 to use the powers of the finance industry to support small stores. It empowers small stores in Taiwan, connects good things, creates new value for the community together, and create positive energy for the society. In 2022, nearly 200 small stores registered for the "SinoPac Store Power Up Project" and a panel of experts shall select at least 10 small stores in the final selection in 2023. SinoPac Foundation will provide these partners with resources and sponsorship to empower lo­cal communities.

”SinoPac Store Power Up Project.” Creating new value for the community together.

Supporting Employment of Vulnerable Populations with Empowerment Instead Relief

In 2022, SinoPac Foundation worked with social enterprises and schools in Daxi, Taoyuan and connected 14 young farmers, young cooks, and stores in the "Good Food on the Way Project”. It successfully empowered the local youth startup economic network and benefited disadvantaged groups with approxi­mately 2,880 deliveries. SinoPac Foundation also organized cooperative occupational training with local charity organizations in Nantou to provide teenagers in rural areas who recently graduated from junior high school with seminars, career counseling, workplace training, and internship subsidies and allowances. The program connected with local small stores to create a better career path for disadvantaged children as they enter the workforce. SinoPac Foundation trained 23 people with 1,743 total training hours.

Connected with young farmers, young cooks provide students the food
Nantou Puli Khosuann Curry – youth training shop providing career experience