Together, a better life.

Together, a better life.

Social Involvement Strategies

Social Involvement Strategies

Raising Climate Awareness

SinoPac Holdings shapes the environmental protection culture of "SinoPac Life" by launching the "SinoPac Life" online platform in 2019. Through various channels such as education promotion, advocacy activities, and business services to encourage employees, customers, and the gener­al public to practice green actions in their lives, SinoPac Holdings designated the 17th of each month as "SinoPac Environmental Day" and encouraged employees to start taking small steps daily for a sustainable planet, showing the determination of loving the earth with real actions from the inside out.

SinoPac Life, Invest Our Earth

SinoPac Holdings has responded to the "Earth Day - A Million Acts of Green" campaign initiated by Taiwan Environmental Informa­tion Association for four consecutive years. In 2022, SinoPac Holdings continued to adopt the "SinoPac Life - A Million Acts of Green" initiative to transform green actions into habits. Updating a series of environmental protection-theme activities on the 17th of each month to advocate the notion of "Invest Our Earth" in an easy-to-understand way.

Lights off! Gather billions of powers.
Earth Day – the priceless eternal investment
“How much do you know about “Biodiversity”?
Environmental protection response, carry an eco-friendly cup to get rewards.
Break away with sharing.
Live greener, collect eco-friendly offers.
The green movement, car-free stress-free.
Golden veggie autumn, chill earth.
Be grateful and cherish food.
Low carbon green travel, no less fun.

SinoPac Holdings supported Earth Hour for the 3rd consecutive year. The Company organized a three-stage campaign including knowledge, action, and consumption for the monthly "Meatless Monday". SinoPac Holdings also organized the "SinoPac Love Cycle" with a five-part campaign with online courses, in-person seminars, collection of idle but useful items, sharing market, and donation program. The aim is to encourage employees to take action to support the Earth with environmental protection education and enhance public awareness of environmental protection for the land and ecology from mental and spiritual environmental protection to social sustainability and create a positive cycle in the society.

SinoPac Holdings and subsidiaries participated in the “Earth Hour” events.
SinoPac organized the “SinoPac Love Cycle” event to encourage employees to practice loving the earth in daily life

Working Together for a Sustainable Planet

In 2022, SinoPac Holdings supported the "Project Blue 1095" campaign organized by Business Today and used beach clearing as the starting point for protecting the ocean. 348 SinoPac Volunteers and their family members joined the beach clearing activity on Taoyuan Guanyin Beach and successfully reduced 401kg of marine waste to restore beauty to na­ture.

A total of

348 SinoPac Volunteers

Successfully reduced

401 kg of marine waste

A total of 348 SinoPac Volunteers and their family members joined the beach clearing activity on Taoyuan Guanyin Beach, returning the beach’s beauty to nature
Bank SinoPac joins the “My Hong-Te”, providing free water to visitors at 24 business premises

Bank SinoPac supported the "My Hong-Te" action advocated by the social enterprise CircuPlus Ltd. A total of 24 business premises joined the initiative and became members of the Water Refill Map for people to fill up their water bottles. It uses technological innovation to increase the convenience of access to water and supports healthy hydration, reduction of plastic at the source, and the shared economy.

Total of

24 business premises joined the initiative