SPH Announces The Terms of Issuance of 750 Million New Common Shares and Record Date of Share Subscription (Supplement for Issue Price and So On)

  1. Date of the board of directors resolution or decision by the company for record date:2023/01/11
  2. Whether to adopt shelf registration (Yes, please state issuance period /No): No
  3. Effective registration date approved by competent authority:2022/12/27
  4. Date of the board of directors resolution for (additional) issuance of shares:2022/10/21
  5. Total monetary value of the issuance and number of shares issued: NT$7,500,000,000 and 750,000,000 common shares
  6. If adopting shelf registration, monetary value and number of shares to be issued this time: NA
  7. The remaining monetary value and shares after this issuance when adopting shelf registration: NA
  8. Par value per share: NT$10
  9. Issue price: NT$15 (Supplementary)
  10. Number of shares subscribed for by employees:75,000,000 common shares
  11. Ratio of shares subscribed for by existing shareholders: 80% of new shares are reserved for subscription by existing shareholders according to their respective holding as stated in shareholders' register book on the subscription record date. The preliminary estimated share subscription ratio is 52.66038211 shares per thousand shares. The actual share subscription ratio shall be adjusted based on the actual number of shares on the subscription record date.
  12. Method for public sale and no. of shares:10% of total issued common shares, which amounts to 75,000,000 shares.
  13. Handling method for fractional shares and shares unsubscripted for by the deadline: Existing shareholders may apply to combine their respective fractional shares into one share within 5 days after the record date of cash capital increase and share subscription. The chairman is authorized to allocate the remaining uncombined shares, fractional shares or shares relinquished by existing shareholders and employees to specific counterparties at the issue price.
  14. Rights and obligations of these newly issued shares: Same as the outstanding common stocks.
  15. Utilization of the funds from the current capital increase: to invest in the subsidiary-Bank SinoPac and strengthen SPH's operating capital
  16. Record date of cash capital increase and share subscription:2023/02/13
  17. Last date before book closure:2023/02/08
  18. Book closure starting date: 2023/02/09
  19. Book closure ending date: 2023/02/13
  20. Payment period: 2023/03/01~2023/03/07
  21. Date of the agreement with the banks to collect and deposit the proceeds: 2023/01/31(Supplementary)
  22. Name of the institution designated to collect the proceeds: Bank SinoPac Chunglun Branch (Supplementary)
  23. Name of the bank designated to deposit the proceeds: Bank SinoPac Shihmao Branch (Supplementary)
  24. Any other matters that need to be specified: None