Communication of Stakeholders



SinoPac Holdings identified the stakeholders for the first time in 2014 and formulated major management policies and implementation plans accordingly to respond to the needs and expectations of stakeholders. The Company has reviewed the groups of stakeholders based on market trends and engagement result with stakeholders in each year thereafter. In 2018, in response to the trend of sustainable supply chain management and to expand the social influence, SinoPac Holdings invited suppliers and contractors to implement corporate social responsibility together, and regarded them as a new group of stakeholder. As a result, there are currently 7 stakeholders groups, including employees, customers, shareholders (investors), media, communities/non-profit organizations (NPOs)/non-governmental organizations (NGOs), competent authorities, and suppliers. SinoPac Holdings has established multiple communication channels for each stakeholder group to truly respond to their needs and concerns.

Stakeholder Communication Channels and Concerned Topics

Communication Channels

SinoPac Holdings

  • Tel: +886-2-8161-8935
  • Fax: +886-2-8161-8932


SinoPac Holdings has established a corporate website at "Investor Relations", which discloses investor related information. SinoPac Holdings also holds analyst meeting regularly to maintain information transparency to protect investors' interests.


  • Kerry Hsu: +886-2-8161-8935

Shareholders Affairs

  • Stock Registration Division: +886-2-2381-6288
  • 3F., No. 17, Bo-ai Rd., Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 100, Taiwan


SinoPac Holdings provides employees a good knowledge training course and a full range of dialogue channels, including investment in employee benefits, planning for a complete career, and understanding the various challenge in their work in order to establish a positive attitude and develop employees' career life.

  • Communication Hotline: +886-2-8161-8772
  • Written Opinion: Please mail or deliver your written document to SinoPac Holdings Human Resources Division.


SinoPac Holdings build an honest and professional interactive foundation to our customers. Through our branches, we deeply rooted in every community by focusing on their needs and delivering professional and innovative service to create a foreseeable future to our customers.

  • Contact 24-Hour Call Centre: +886-2-2505-9999,+886-2-6630-8899


The procurement of SinoPac Holdings will be in accordance with tendering and bargaining procedures. SinoPac Holdings will find the cooperative businesses that provide products and services with high quality from the qualified suppliers, via the open, bright and fair competitive environment.