Promoting Social Sustainability


Promoting Social Sustainability and Common Prosperity

To promote common prosperity, SinoPac Holdings concentrates on supporting charity organizations/social enterprises and the employment of the vulnerable groups through purchasing products made by sheltered workshops to achieve the goal of "replace charity with empowerment". SinoPac Holdings will continue to deliberate on increasing partnership with other suitable sheltered workshops/NPOs in the future to integrate corporate and community resources in order to assist the employment of the vulnerable groups.

● Supporting Charity Activities with Action Power

SinoPac Holdings has been actively cooperating with Children Are Us Foundation since 2018. It initiated donation activities, expanded the number of responders in 2019, and launched the "Light up Hope" charity event in 2020 by sending lunch boxes made by the sheltered workshop and purchased by employees, family members and customers to remote villages, supporting their self-reliance and spread love to children in rural areas.

In 2020, the "Light up Hope" charity event was participated by SinoPac employees, family members and customers, creating double benefits with one action. It does not only support the cultivation of sheltered workshop, but also brought love to children in remote villages. In 2020, SinoPac volunteers upheld their promise and designed a fun-filled "Financial Treasure Hunt" activity to visit Wenshui Elementary School in Miaoli and Shanglin Elementary School in Shuangxi District of New Taipei City along with the sheltered workshop, sending warmth and joy to rural children, allowing the power of kindness to grow since childhood. Besides, Bank SinoPac also donated NT$1.5 million in 2020 to Taiwan Financial Services Roundtable to set up the "2020 Financial Services Industry Education Charity Fund" to assist disadvantaged young students to complete their studies. SinoPac Holdings has been implementing local care for a long time, adhering to the social Involvement concept of "replace charity with empowerment", and advocating the co-prosperity and growth of society. SinoPac Holdings will continue to support charity groups and social enterprises along with employees, family members and customers and create greater social impacts in the future.

● Providing Muscle-strengthening Exercises to Slow Down the Aging Process

After organizing 6 internal and external seminars on Taiwan's population aging for its employees and customers in 2019, SinoPac Holdings cooperated with Sunvis from Sunshine Foundation for the second year in 2020. It planned a series of exercise entitled “Fighting Disease", teaching fitness movements such as muscle training, cardiovascular aerobic exercise, and stretching so that people can exercise anytime and anywhere with these videos, helping public to strengthen immune system and maintain their health and vitality.