Raising Climate Awareness


Raising Climate Awareness to Mitigate and Adapt to Climate Change

SinoPac Holdings shapes the environmental protection culture of “SinoPac Life” by launching “SinoPac Life” online platform in 2019. It promotes environmental education through websites, coastal cleanup activities, education and training while encourages the practice of green actions in life as well as raising the climate awareness of employees and the general public, to show the determination of loving the earth with real actions from the inside out.

After holding “coastal cleanup activities in Northern, Central and Southern Taiwan” in 2019, Bank SinoPac also held a coastal cleanup activity in Taoyuan Guanyin Beach in 2020. Ecology and environment education were added to the activity, allowing participants to learn about the importance of saving the environment and carrying out environment protection action and a total of 400 KG of garbage and marine waste were cleaned. In order to broaden the effect of this coastal cleanup activity, Bank SinoPac responded “The beautiful garbage is not beautiful” initiative along with a public interest group “Formosa County“, by using marine waste which SinoPac volunteers had cleaned in 2019 to create a junk art photography and posted it on Facebook. The post has been shared by 8,602 persons and reached 1,757,412 persons in total and the photography were also displayed in the exhibition of 2020 Taoyuan World Ocean Day for 9 days. It had been visited by 5,000 people on the spot and reached 8,993 people through the advertisement on Facebook.

Besides, SinoPac Securities Volunteer Group joined hands with Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (TFCF) in Yunlin to gather a hundred people in the Haikou Story House, Taixi, to perform "21 Days of Green Life" and shared the ways of developing green habits in life while understanding the environmental impacts human created on earth. Children were taught to make piggy banks, natural strawberry jam and more through courses and games and were given a gift box of sea bream rice burgers made by TFCF with friendly breeding method after the activities. The activities were aligned to the public welfare concept of SinoPac Securities by carrying out an interaction that combines care, ecology and green practices. SinoPac Holdings also held 5 publicity seminars on the topic of "SinoPac Life" within the company, and launched the "SinoPac Daily Life" 2021 desk calendar, inviting the public to follow SinoPac’s daily green actions with the theme of a simple green action every day, examine self-environmental habits and creating sustainable influence.