Promoting Cultural Equality


Promoting Cultural Equality and Reducing Inequality

To promote cultural equality, SinoPac Holdings is committed to reducing any form of inequality inside and outside the organization and putting efforts to protect publics’ right to learn and enjoy art, regardless of gender, wealth, race, so as to achieve social equality and justice. In the future, SinoPac Holdings will continue to support children’s arts and aesthetic education activities and applying digital platform to increase the opportunity for children in urban-rural to contact with arts. Besides, SinoPac Holdings will promote cultivation projects in cooperation with educational units and social enterprises in order to create a better environment for arts, providing art workers a room for development in Taiwan and around the world, and encourage the respect for elderly, while deepen community involvement and to promote diversity through music.

● Promoting Performing Arts and Sociocultural Power

Since 2008, Bank SinoPac has been sponsoring the "Taipei Children's Arts Festival" organized by the Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government for 13 consecutive years. Despite the opportunities to perform were affected by COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, we support IDEA BOOM!’s selected works, including "The Way Back" by The Double Theatre and "Who stole my words? " by Punctum Creative, providing them the opportunities on film creation, helping them to go through the hard times and to provide better art works for children. SinoPac Holdings sponsored 88 outdoor performances and 4 online live streaming, enabling children to enjoy performances while create an artistic environment.

Besides, Bank SinoPac has sponsored the "Simple Life Festival" for 7 consecutive years and sponsored the “SinoPac Legacy Taipei" performance space for 6 consecutive years. "Simple Life Festival" aims to create a bazaar that combines local culture and youth creativity to support the young generations to do what they like. “SinoPac Legacy Taipei” focuses on musical performances, allowing young people to display their unique creativity and energy on the stage along with unique musical atmosphere. By the end of year 2020, more than 2,000 music performances have been held, with a total of more than 400 creative music groups and nearly 1,000 creative musicians performed on the stage.

● Cultivating Aesthetics and Wealth Management Concept from Childhood

Bank SinoPac continued to invest in cultivating the sense of art of the next generation by sponsoring the "Collaboration between Arts and Other Sectors – The Overview of Outreach Aesthetic Education Project" organized by the National Kaosiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying) in year 2019 and 2020. With 5 performances in the sponsoring plan, together with field trips, children were able to visit international art museums, experience the beauty and knowledge beyond textbooks, explore and appreciate the essence of art. In addition, to cultivate student’s abilities and deliver the importance of personal credit, the 5 performances in the sponsoring plan took "Manage Finance, Manage Future" as the theme, and invite Wang Wei, a professional musical actor, to direct and perform with Wealth Management Volunteers from Bank SinoPac. They guide young students to understand the language and knowledge of financial management through humorous performances and interactions between the elder brother who works in bank and the younger brother who study in senior high and a total of 3,866 people participated. Besides, Bank SinoPac launched the "mma Children Account" in 2014, a specially designed wealth management account for children under 18, so that parents can manage the account with their child together and develop a good habit of saving and financial management from the early age with the right concept and appropriate financial tools.

● Rebirth of Diverse Elderly Culture

Since 2018, Bank SinoPac has been holding the outdoor charity concerts, "Your Concert" for 17 times in 15 different communities in cooperation with Hsieh Ming-Yu, the Golden Melody Award winner and Pun Car Band in past three years. SinoPac Securities joined the project in 2020, expressing gratitude and care to the elderly for their dedication to Taiwan through 7 concerts, with about 1,900 participants. "Your Concert" was elevated to "Your Concert - Song of Life" since 2019, with 6 songs of life created over the past two years based on the sharing of the elderly, hoping to transfer their living experience into valuable pop-culture assets.

Besides, Bank SinoPac worked with the Chi Po-lin Foundation to initiate the "Home from Above" program. Bank SinoPac worked with the USR team from National Chung Hsing University and invited Maming Elementary School in Waipu District, Taichung City to participate in the pilot scheme in 2019 and they finished a self-scripted, directed and performed eight-minute documentary film "Home from Above – Happiness of the old and young" in 2020. The film talked about the special features of Maming Community such as a century-old ancient house, stove, mysterious cave and temple and were all introduced from children’s perspectives. Elderly were invited to share their lifetime experiences and stories. It recognized the value of elderly and developed the children’s spirit of humanity care through the video recording of local humanity and history.