Diverse and Healthy Workplace


● Human Rights Due Diligence Process and Results

SinoPac Holdings recognizes and supports the principles set forth in UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, UN Guiding Principles on Business & Human Rights, UN Global Compact, and International Labor Organization Convention, and established the Human Rights Policy in 2018, emphasizing workplace human rights, providing a healthy and safe workplace, and respecting employees' freedom of association. The policy is applicable to SinoPac Holdings, subsidiaries it has substantial control over, and suppliers, and prevents any behavior that infringes on or violates human rights by establishing suitable management methods and procedures. SinoPac Holdings also regularly reviews risks in employee health and safety and implements improvement plans based on identification results. In the future, SinoPac Holdings will continue to monitor developments in the human rights policy of domestic and overseas companies and changes in the business environment and carry out review and improvements accordingly.
In addition to internal management based on the human rights policy, SinoPac Holdings also requires its suppliers to fulfill their corporate social responsibility and respect international conventions on human rights. Besides selecting business partners and suppliers who comply with the spirit and basic principles of the human rights policy, SinoPac Holdings also established the “Supplier Corporate Social Responsibility Code of Conduct” and urged the suppliers that it frequently does business with to sign the “Supplier Corporate Social Responsibility Commitment” and adopt consistent principles including respecting labor human rights, banning discrimination, banning child labor, occupational safety and health, environmental protection, procuring products with environmental certifications, business ethics and integrity management, aiming to find a balance between the economy, society, environment, and ecology and achieve environmental sustainability. SinoPac Holdings periodically conducts on-site audits of the finances and manufacturing environment of suppliers and builds long-term partnerships with suppliers that achieve good performance. Suppliers found in violation may even lose their supplier qualifications.

  • Human Rights Due Diligence Process and Results

SinoPac Holdings has been conducted regular human rights assessment since 2019 by collecting the opinions of major stakeholders on human rights risks to identify material human rights issues of the Company based on the “impact” and “likelihood” of the issues. In 2020, the Company further identified human rights issues in the value chain through the questionnaire include employees (both male and female), suppliers, and customers. A total of 173 questionnaires were collected, and were identified the material human rights issues with upstream, midstream, and downstream of SinoPac Holdings. Regarding the human risks at each node of the value chain, SinoPac Holdings has proposed the human risk mitigation and remedial measures separately, and also has completed the optimization of the Human Rights Policy.

● Diversity and Inclusiveness

The Employee Welfare Task Force of the SinoPac Holdings Sustainable Development Committee is committed to promoting diversity and inclusiveness for the "Reduce Inequality" and "Promote Inclusive Growth" commitments which are part of the three major sustainability commitments. The task force implements the action plans for promoting gender equality, dedication to employee rights, and improving employees' physical and mental health. Its long-term goal is to implement two diversity and inclusiveness measures each year to promote gender equality. SinoPac Holdings supports diverse hiring for employees and prioritizes the hiring of employees with disabilities as well as indigenous peoples so that all employees can make contributions regardless of their limitations. SinoPac Holdings appointed 52 people with disabilities in 2020 which accounted for 0.6% of all employees and 0.7% of the management. Bank SinoPac employed 32 individuals (including 8 individuals with severe physical disabilities); SinoPac Securities employed 20 individuals (including 3 individuals with severe physical disabilities). They serve as salespersons and programmers, and 11 employees with outstanding performance were promoted to management.

● Escalation Process and Mechanisms for Reporting Incidents of 

   Discrimination and Harassment

SinoPac Holdings respects employees' human rights at the workplace and does not treat employees differently or discriminate against employees based on their gender, race, socioeconomic status, age, marriage, language, religion, political affiliation, nationality, appearance, family status, sexual orientation, disability, or membership in unions. The Company provides employees (including employees, dispatched workers, job seekers, technicians, and interns) with a work and service environment free of sexual harassment, and takes corrective or disciplinary action in case of discriminatory behavior or harassment to protect the rights and interests of the parties involved. SinoPac Holdings established the "Prevention, Grievance, and Penalty Guidelines for Sexual Harassment" which stipulate zero tolerance towards any form of gender discrimination and prohibition of any form of infringement (including workplace violence, bullying, and sexual harassment). Therefore, each member of SinoPac Holdings, including the person in charge, managers, and employees, fulfills their obligations, and any violation shall be punished accordingly.
To strengthen employees' awareness of anti-discrimination and sexual harassment prevention, SinoPac Holdings sended E-mail to all employees and planned trainings for all employees on discrimination and harassment in the workplace including 3 sessions for 5,449 participants in 2020. The "prevention of unlawful infringement in the workplace" and "indispensable labor law and management practices for managers" courses included training for managers for processing employee complaints.

  Human rights policy   Prevention, Grievance, and Penalty Guidelines for Sexual Harassment   Prevention, Grievance, Investigation, and Handling Guidelines for Sexual Harassment  

● Occupational Health and Safety

SinoPac Holdings is active to establish a safe and healthy working environment, ISO 45001 was adopted by Bank SinoPac and related measures were carried out. The implementation of ISO 45001 was certified by BSI in 2020 therefore an expansion on the adoption scope of ISO45001 was considered in order to enhance employees' working and living quality. Bank SinoPac established the occupational safety and health system and the Occupational Safety and Health Committee in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act. The committee has a total of eight members, the head of the General Affairs Division of the head office implements safety and health management on behalf of the employer. Managers at all levels command and supervise the implementation of respective personnel. In addition, the members of committee include representatives of departments related to occupational safety as well as three representatives from the union of Bank SinoPac to assist in the supervision and providing suggestions of related occupational health and safety issues.
After Bank SinoPac and SinoPac Securities obtained the "Workplace Health Activation Certification" and " Taiwan iSports Certification" respectively in 2019, Bank SinoPac and SinoPac Holdings also obtained the " Taiwan iSports Certification" in 2020, showed that their long-term investment in promoting employee health and sports was affirmed by external units. Bank SinoPac and SinoPac Securities conducted 39 occupational health and safety trainings and regularly shared the latest health information related to current events in the internal employee communication platform. In respond to COVID-19, SinoPac implement alternative operations and Flexible Working Hours to reduce the risk of commutation, and plan a series of exercise named “Fight Disease” in cooperation with Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation so that people can workout and strengthen their immune system.

SinoPac Holdings Occupational Health and Safety Measures