Employee Compensation and Welfare


● Compensation System

SinoPac Holdings has been selected as the constituent of "Taiwan High Compensation 100 Index" since 2014 as one of the top 100 leading companies in terms of compensation. SinoPac Holdings is committed to creating a harmonious atmosphere, therefore set up a "Remuneration Committee" at the same time to review the compensation policy regularly as a basis for strengthening and providing a complete and competitive compensation and welfare system. The employee compensation and welfare totaled NT$14.5 billion in 2020. SinoPac Holdings provides equal opportunities for employees' appointment, promotion, performance evaluation, assignments, training, career development, and remuneration, and does not discriminate based on gender, religion, or race. SinoPac Holdings sets out the policies related to salary management in the internal regulations such as " Work Rule " and "Standards for Employee Salaries and Allowances, Overtime Payments, Awards". The percentage (Female: Male) of base salary is 1:1, aligning with the concept of equal pay. In order to attract and retain talents as well as supporting the high-performance culture of the company, SinoPac Holdings also actively participates in global salary surveys every year and has taken into consideration the company’s operating performance, personal performance and external market compensation level for salary adjustment to ensure the salary level is competitive in the market, which has established a positive atmosphere that encourages employees, increases profits and shares achievements. The average salary ratio of women and men in Taiwan and overseas (Hong Kong) regions of SinoPac Holdings is summarized in the table below. The salary of non-managerial male employees in Taiwan is slightly higher than that of female, but it is more balanced in the junior and intermediate managerial levels, in which the salary of female is slightly higher than that of male. The average salary of the non-managerial employees is 159.32% of the statutory basic salary. The salary of dispatched employees is reviewed by a designated person and determined according to the "Staff Appointment Guidelines", which is in line and superior to legal regulations.

● Welfare System and Policies

In addition to providing a fair remuneration system, SinoPac Holdings also attaches great importance in the promotion of employees' welfare as well as caring and taking care of employees' family and life, allowing employees to maintain work-life balance and increasing employee retention rate. SinoPac Holdings believes that talents are an important core asset of an organization, and only happy employees can become the pillars of the company to create more value to the society. In addition to salary rewards, SinoPac Holdings also provides different benefits, such as insurance programs, annual health checkups, festival subsidies, concessionary loans and a system of leave superior to the labor standards act, to take fully care of employees' mind and body.

  • Parental Leave and Daycare Policies of Employees' Children

SinoPac Holdings attaches importance to employees' family planning and female employees' right to work, from marriage to pregnancy and childbirth and parenting, building up continuous motherhood care subsidy and leave, providing excellent childcare and daycare policies to care for their hard work as parents. Female employees are entitled to 8 weeks of paid maternity leave and different days of abortion leave are given depending on the pregnancy stage in case of miscarriage. Male employees are entitled to 5 days of paternity leave within 15 days before, during and after the birth of their child. The retention and reinstatement related operations are carried out in accordance with regulations for employees who applied for parental leave. In addition, the Company has set up facilities, such as breastfeeding rooms, to create a high-quality breastfeeding environment and has signed contracts with many large nursery institutions to provide a variety of nursery discounts, so that new parents are well taken care of without the need to worry about the above issues. In addition, the breastfeeding rooms have been certified as “Friendly Taipei Lactation Rooms”.
In 2020, Bank SinoPac, SinoPac Leasing and SinoPac Venture Capital has launched SinoPac Baby-Care System, increasing childbirth subsidy to NT$6,888 per child, and fully subsidize the fixed hospital medical insurance for employee's child who is aged 0-7, so that employees can feel at ease to raise up new generation. In addition, provides prenatal vitamin and probiotics during COVID-19 pandemic to strengthen female employee's immunity system during pregnancy.


 ● SinoPac Holdings Welfare System and Policies