Talent Cultivation and Retention


SinoPac Holdings offers a comprehensive talent management system that helps to plan short, medium, and long-term career development according to the professional and traits of each employee. Regular performance appraisals are conducted, and results acted as the basis for planning future development. SinoPac Holdings has organized the "Employee of the Year Award" since 2018 to shape a high-quality corporate culture through commendation and encouragement and to create a positive atmosphere.

● Talent Recruitment

SinoPac Holdings adjusted its talent recruitment policies in 2019 to align with digital trends and its mid-to-long-term strategy, and actively engaged in recruiting and forming financial technology talent pools along with its subsidiaries and therefore led to significant growth in human capitals. The winter and summer internships and industrial-academic cooperation programs are continued so that students who are interested in finance can take their studies into real practices while cultivating SinoPac’s future talents. In response to the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020, the recruiting process was carried out through online interviews to provide applicants with a safe, rapid, and convenient interview environment. SinoPac Holdings provides internal hiring mechanisms to encourage employees' diverse development and increase employee retention. The total number of open positions was 231 in 2020 and 104 were filled by SinoPac's own employees. The percentage of open positions filled by internal candidates was 45.02%.


 ● Competence Cultivation and Development

SinoPac Holdings insists on providing the best professional training for employees to encourage employees to make full use of their potential in the workplace, to grow with the organization, and create an optimal organizational learning atmosphere. In 2020, total employee education and training cost was NT$42.86 million, the average amount spent per full-time employee (FTE) was NT$5,005, total education and training hours reached 370,447 hours, and the training hours per FTE was 43.26 hours. Full-time employees were provided with competence development programs while dispatched employees were assisted by employees from subordinate departments and were provided with professional training along with full-time employees when needed. Employee education and training courses can be divided into three categories, including professional training courses, project training courses, and management skill training courses. In 2020, the number of financial certificates held by employees increased by 804 compared to 2019.

Competence Development

SinoPac Holdings establishes a diversified competence development structure and provides training and diverse learning channel to integrate employees' career development and corporate development based on the employees' needs for different stages of their career development. Solid training programs are provided for new employees, including corporate culture and related regulations as well as several weeks of professional training to acquire the professional skills necessary for business. Professional training programs are also provided according to job positions to increase employees working efficiency. Different stages of management training courses are provided to maintain the management talent pool and Kirkpatrick Model is adopted as a tool for evaluating the effectiveness of the training. On-job trainings such as work assignment, mission assignment, practices after trainings and rotations are also included besides training courses. SinoPac Holdings encourages employees to enhance their work skills and provides job-related tuition subsidies, so that employees may accumulate real-world experiences to increase the personal and organizational competitiveness.

SinoPac Holdings focused on digital innovation for its professional training in 2020 and therefore launched the Digital Transformation Project and Digital Talent Development Program. SinoPac Holdings also organized digital seminars and the FinTech Annual Meeting with the aim of increasing employees' digital skills for digital transformation while continued the Corporate University Program to provide employees with comprehensive professional training. The contents of projects and activities are described as follows:

1.Fintech and Digital Transformation Training Program

  • Digital Transformation Project

To enhance employees' digital skills, SinoPac Holdings launched the Digital Transformation Project in 2020 and proposed the five main digital values, including Collaboration, Empathy, Embrace change, Data-driven, and Success-driven. The "Five Concentric Circles Theory" was adopted and gradually expanded outwards from meetings for discussing digital transformation slogans and values in the first circle to the meetings for forming a consensus for digital transformation in the second circle, announcement of the consensus for digital transformation in the third circle, communication of the digital values and improvement of digital skills of all employees in the fourth circle, and the consolidation of the digitalization DNA in the fifth circle to gradually increase employees' digital skills. As of the end of 2020, the digital action website was viewed more than 30,000 times and the internal You-Tube channel was viewed more than 7,000 times.

SinoPac Holdings has established a training framework for developing digital finance DNA with three levels, including senior executives, general, and elite, and has developed corresponding training contents. The senior executive training includes regular seminars and the general training includes training for new recruits, AI courses, digital finance lectures, and development of digital skills training. At the elite level, digital finance courses were offered as well as credit courses and EMBA courses in collaboration with National Cheng Kung University to enhance the skills and knowledge they require for their jobs. SinoPac Holdings will organize online digital programs and Python courses for all employees in 2021 to provide each employee with tailored learning programs and encourage employees to take knowledge into practices.

  • Digital Talent Development Program

In response to the digital transformation in the finance industry and the rise of artificial intelligence, Bank SinoPac began a collaboration project with National Cheng Kung University(NCKU) in 2019 and opened the digital finance master's program for core talents. Talented faculty members of the College of Management, NCKU provide lectures on FinTech for the program. The phase 3 data mining courses were opened to 29 employees of Bank SinoPac and SinoPac Securities in 2020 and SinoPac invested NT$950,000 in course subsidies and equipment lease with the aim of inspiring employees, providing them with the necessary tools, and increasing their willingness to serve continuously. The courses achieved the goals for improving employees' knowledge and talent retention for the Company.

  • Digital Seminars

SinoPac Holdings committed to the development of FinTech and digital finance over the years. It continues to provide customers with convenient, secure, up-to-date, and innovative services and actively invests in the training of digital transformation, holds a series of lectures on topics related to digital transformation and relevant new knowledge, and incorporates FinTech elements into regular training courses to cultivate digital talents. The theme of the Digital Seminar in 2020 was "Enhanced Openness and Collaboration in the Digital Era" and was provided to all employees, and 389 participants completed the training.

  • FinTech Annual Meeting

SinoPac Holdings held the Second FinTech annual meeting in November 2020 and focused on the four major issues of "big data, AI applications, 5G, and new communities". Experts in the industry and academia were invited to exchange ideas and share case studies to teach employees new digital knowledge and enhance digital transformation. In addition to the seminars, SinoPac AI Lab provided onsite demonstration of the "chatbot" developed through deep learning and natural language processing technologies, and also provided games that use digital technologies in other applications. SinoPac Holdings continued its tradition of inviting charity foundations to set up booths onsite and encouraged employees to experience convenient and secure mobile payment when they make donations. A total of 556 participants attended the event in 2020.

2.Systematic Professional Competence Development

  • Corporate University Program

Bank SinoPac introduced the corporate university training program that integrates the career paths of employees to construct a comprehensive training roadmap. The training roadmap are constructed based on “position and duty”, comprising four major aspects including compulsory/elective courses, statutory courses, external licenses, and internal certification exams. Comprehensive training and certification mechanisms were provided to improve employees' professional competencies. As of the end of 2020, 24 programs have been established, comprising 82 courses covering the skills required by different positions such as corporate banking, wealth management, retail finance, operations, auditing, compliance, risk management, human resources and digital finance. The programs are available for 4,527 employees, representing nearly 75% of total employees at Bank SinoPac. Bank SinoPac arranged classroom programs with a total of 30,174 hours for 5,287 participants and will continue to expand the training roadmap for various positions, with an aim to standardize the professional skills of employees, deepen the self-learning culture, and cultivate talents for the organization.

3.Fully Invest in Management Talent Training

SinoPac Holdings and subsidiaries planned management training programs for managers of all levels to train and prepare future management talents. The training included EMBA+ and EMBA training, Management Competency Development Plan, Senior Executive Development Plan, and Senior Leadership Courses. The course contents are described below:

  • EMBA+ and EMBA Program

SinoPac Holdings launched the "EMBA+ and EMBA Program" in 2017 to create a talent platform that integrates learning, interaction and observation. The members include managers recommended by the subsidiaries of SinoPac Holdings. The EMBA+ class is composed of SinoPac Holdings’ managers and assistant vice presidents, while the EMBA class mainly comprises SinoPac Holdings’ junior managers and deputy managers. All classes are held in small groups for the purpose of stimulating interaction and learning achievements. The courses centered on six core management competencies with the aim of inspiring fresh thinking of executives, who will gain an understanding on the latest management trends and strengthen their leadership and management capabilities. In addition to classroom courses, activities such as "Guided Reading", "Speech", "Laser Paintball", "Golfing", "CommonWealth Magazine Leadership Campus" and "Mountaineering" were added to increase the diversity of the overall training, facilitate interactions between students, enhance overall training effectiveness, and improve interactions, trust, and understanding. In 2020, the Chairman of SinoPac Holdings and the Presidents of SinoPac Holdings and subsidiaries led the executives in the training program to take part in charity activities, art appreciation, and book club activities to enhance their citizenship awareness, ideals for giving back to society, and interdisciplinary knowledge. A total of 93 executives have participated in the training so far, with a pass rate of 100% and a retention rate of 93.9%.

  • Management Competency Development Plan

To facilitate the continuous learning and growth of managers, SinoPac Holdings launched the "Management Competency Development Plan" in 2018. All managers from newly appointed managers to senior managers are provided with courses based on their experience including mandatory courses for new managers, continuous professional improvement courses, management competency enhancement courses, and compliance with the latest regulations to improve their management skills. Managers could learn about areas that require improvements and satisfying performances that should be maintained through feedback from the management competency evaluation and can also enhance their self-development through systematic learning. SinoPac Holdings selects the most popular management topics for the monthly management competency newsletter to strengthen managers' understanding and use of management competencies so that managers can learn about the duties and definitions of the management competencies by reading these articles.

  • Senior Executive Development Plan

SinoPac Holdings launched the succession plan through the "High-level Executive Talent Development Project" in 2019 to lay the cornerstone for sustainable development of the company. The Project aims to create a talent pool of high-level management for SinoPac Holdings and was targeted to mid-level to senior executives of the Group. The Plan includes the confirmation of talent specifications, identification of talents with high potential, accelerated development of talents, and effective use of talents.

  • SinoPac Excellence Leadership Academy

SinoPac Holdings launched the first "SinoPac Excellence Leadership Academy" in 2020 to accelerate the development of the leadership management succession team. The Academy is created as a talent pool of high-level managers and the 10 month courses consist of six major modules and one set of action learning programs that focus on medium to long-term growth strategies for "Leading Self", "Leading Team", and "Leading Business" as the foundation, and used case studies and self-development as the main theme for creating a common language, building a culture of communication, and developing a culture of “Change” and “Fault tolerance”. The Company uses action learning programs to review the effectiveness of students' studies. Students from different backgrounds use strategic tools, innovative ideas, and business models they learned to brainstorm together in their free time.

  • Employee of the Year Award

SinoPac Holdings has organized the "Employee of the Year Award" since 2018 to demonstrate care for employees. The Award adheres to the core concept of "starting from the heart" and praises employees who have demonstrated the value of “Fulfillment of a Beautiful Life Through Finance” to thank them for their dedication and contributions. The Employee of the Year Award is given to recipients regardless of their gender or title. SinoPac Holdings organized the Award to encourage learning, establish paradigms for workplace behavior, and create a positive workplace environment. 19 employees from thousands of domestic and overseas employees were selected in the third "Employee of the Year Award" in 2020 and were commended for upholding the values of the organization and thanked for their high-quality innovation and thoughtful services. The award ceremony was attended by the Chairmen and Presidents of SinoPac Holdings and subsidiaries, and video links were provided for overseas employees who could not return to Taiwan for the Award due to the epidemic for speeches.