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Principle for Financial Service Industries to Treat Clients Fairly

Bank SinoPac and SinoPac Securities both established rules and regulations relating to the “Principle for Treating Customers Fairly”, in order to ensure that the products and services provided to customers are able to treat customers fairly from design, advertising, sales, contract performance, to service advisory. At the same time, Bank SinoPac and SinoPac Securities both established complete mechanisms for handling customer complaints and disputes. If there is a customer complaint or dispute, it is handled by Bank SinoPac and SinoPac Securities according to regulations. Customer complaints and disputes are regularly reviewed during meetings of senior management, and improvement measures are formulated accordingly. SinoPac Holdings and its subsidiaries regularly provide personnel with training in treating customers fairly. In 2020, SinoPac Holdings and all subsidiaries provided training to over 13,000 participants, and topics included introduction to the Financial Consumer Protection Act and Principle for Treating Customers Fairly, as well as practices for handling customer complaints.

Nine principles for treating customers fairly

Financial Fraud Prevention Education and Results

New methods for financial fraud have appeared and the number of fraud cases has increased in recent years. Bank SinoPac cooperates with the Financial Supervisory Commission's measure to raise questions at the counter and notify the policy agency, and regularly provides the latest information on fraud methods and processes provided by the National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior to branches. Bank SinoPac also shares cases of successfully preventing fraud, and organizes fraud prevention, robbery prevention, and disaster prevention drills each year. This gives bank employees more information on stopping fraud. Bank SinoPac effectively prevented 282 financial fraud cases with a total amount of NT$95 million between 2018 and 2020.

Customer Satisfaction and Customer Feedback Mechanism

To ensure that customers' rights and interests are protected, Bank SinoPac and SinoPac Securities conducts annual customer satisfaction surveys, and allows customers to provide their precious opinions or issues they face through a variety of customer feedback mechanisms, so that the issues can be immediately resolved. Bank SinoPac regularly sends mystery shoppers to audit the service quality of service counters in each branch. Furthermore, the Customer Service Center began dedicating its efforts to obtaining the SGS QualiCert (Service Quality Certification) in 2015, during which it was selected by "The Best Service in Taiwan" magazine in the top 20 "Telephone and Online Customer Compliant Handling Ability in Taiwan's Service Industry." It passed the ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction and Complaints Certification in 2018-2021 and became the first customer service center of a bank to obtain the certification in Taiwan.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Results for Each Subsidiary in 2020

Subsidiary 2020 Survey Survey results Survey subject/sampling method
Bank SinoPac Customer satisfaction survey Satisfaction reached 92.70%, in which "Very satisfied" reached 66.37%, up 7.09% compared to last year A total of 377,527 customers visited branches of Bank SinoPac for advisory or transactions in 2020. To understand if the Bank needed to make any improvements to its services, the Company conducted the survey by using electronic questionnaires starting from February 2020. EDM questionnaires were e-mailed to customers every week, customers were not surveyed twice within 3 months, and questionnaires were sent to 100% of customers who provided their e-mail. A total of 463,987 were sent for the EDM survey, and a total of 19,098 effective questionnaires were collected.
Customer opinion survey Collected 6,273 praises and suggestions from customers
Net Promoter Score (NPS) A survey added in 2020, in which NPS was 56.72%
Telephone customer service satisfaction survey 94.6% For customers who call the customer service hotline, after services are provided by dedicated personnel, customers are transferred to the voice system if they are willing to take the satisfaction survey. The sampling ratio in 2020 was 2.4% and collected a total of 43,734 effective questionnaires.
SinoPac Securities Telephone customer service satisfaction survey Customer satisfaction reached 99.46% For customers who call the customer service hotline, after services are provided by dedicated personnel, customers are transferred to the voice system if they are willing to take the satisfaction survey. The sampling ratio in 2020 was 3.95% and collected a total of 4,058 effective questionnaires.
Customer satisfaction survey Overall satisfaction was 89% Recommendation for account opening reached 86% Questionnaires are e-mailed to understand the satisfaction and opinions of natural person customers with respect to "accounting opening," "transaction," "service," and "marketing." A total of 3,960 samples were collected.
Customer opinion survey Collected 153 praises and suggestions from customers The Customer Service Center understands customers' satisfaction with the Company through calls and mail, and further understands their opinions and asks them to provide suggestions.

Customer Service and Feedback Mechanism

Service Channel Content
Customer Service Hotline Telephone customer service: Set a telephone customer service hotline to provide voice and dedicated personnel services for customers. Customer service representatives provide inquiry, application, transfer, time deposit, foreign exchange, and fund services.

Online customer service: MMA eBanking not only provides inquiry and transaction functions, and also allows customers to click on Internet telephone to connect to a customer service representative.
Smart Customer Service Natural language processing technologies are used to provide customers with a variety of financial services and product advice, providing interactive services at a tap at anytime and anywhere. Customers ask questions orally or in writing through mobile banking, and smart customer service will reply in speech sound and also display text at the same, clear and convenient. The Bank can provide customers with several common account functions via identity verification and can also choose to transfer customers to a customer service representative, providing seamless services.
Online Financial Advisor Bank SinoPac breaks through the boundaries of physical branches and evolves the conventional telemarketing model by appointing online financial advisors, using telephone, e-mail, text messages, and video conferencing to provide banking and investment advice, taking the initiative to meet customer needs.
Virtual channels Internet banking, mobile banking, official LINE account.
Physical channels Business locations of SinoPac Holdings and its subsidiaries that are open to the public.
Seminars Wealth management briefings, seminars, or related events are organized based on business characteristics, in order to interact with customers and collect their opinions.
Website links The official websites of SinoPac Holdings and its subsidiaries have Client Data Protection Measures, text customer services section SinoPac Chatbot-Smart Fun and 24-hour service hotline. The websites of Bank SinoPac and SinoPac Securities provide "Contracts for Cross-Sale of Products" for related parties to view their rights and interests and seek advice.
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