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2018 Annual General Shareholders Meeting will be held on June 15, 9:00am at: 13F., No. 36, Sec. 3, Nanking E. Road, Taipei, Taiwan.

Related Information dealing with dividend distributions.

  1. Ex-dividend record date: 2017/09/24;Ex-rights record date: 2017/09/24
  2. Ex-dividend trading date: 2017/09/18;Ex-rights trading date: 2017/09/18
  3. Type and monetary amount of dividend distribution
    (1) Cash dividends of Common Stock: NT$3,672,674,636 (NT$0.344 per share)
    (2) Stock dividends of Common Stock: NT$3,736,732,920 (NT$0.35 per share)
    (3) Cash dividends of Preferred Stock A: NT$1,147,328

Announcing important resolutions of 2017 Regular Shareholders' Meeting

  1. Approved and acknowledged business reports and financial statements for year 2016.
  2. Approved and acknowledged earnings appropriation for year 2016.
  3. Approved to appropriate 2016's undistributed earnings as capital for issuance of new shares.
  4. Approved the amendment to the Rules Governing the Acquisition and Disposition of Assets.
  5. The 6th term Board of Directors were elected.
  6. Approved to release the directors from non-competition restrictions.

Announcing important resolutions of 2016 Regular Shareholders' Meeting 

Announcing important resolutions of 2015 shareholders' meeting

Dividend Policy

The Company adopts a residual dividend policy for the purpose of continuing expansion and increasing profitability.

Any surplus at the end of a year shall first be applied to cover losses from the previous years and pay taxes according to the law, and a statutory surplus reserve and a special surplus reserve will be allocated. The remaining balance will then first be used to distribute the accumulated undistributed dividends and current dividends for Class A special shares. The remaining balance is added to the undistributed surplus at the beginning of the period for the board of directors to devise a distribution proposal to be approved at a shareholders' meeting.

The distribution of employee bonuses in the preceding paragraph shall be devised separately by the board of directors. If dividends are to be distributed in shares, the employees of the subsidiaries may be included to receive the dividends.

According to the Company's business plan, the principle is to distribute share dividends to retain a necessary amount of capital, and the excess may be distributed in cash dividends. Cash dividends may not be less than 10% of the total dividends to be distributed for the current year.

Dividends Historyin NT$

Year Dividend Declared per share Cash dividend Stock dividend
2006 0.3019 0.3019 -
2007 0.1267 0.1267 -
2008 - - -
2009 0.11557236 0.11557236 -
2010 0.58024625 0.15024625 -
2011 0.45147466 0.13547466 0.316
2012 1.1298059 0.33338378 0.79642212
2013 1.143 0.335 0.808
2014 1.236 0.5 0.736
2015 0.932 0.432 0.5



A Same Person or Same Concerned Person who holds shares individually, jointly or totally representing more than five percent (5%) of the voting rights of the Financial Holding Company shall file a report with the Competent Authority within 10 day after the date of holding. The same procedure shall also apply when such shares collectively increase or reduce more than one (1) percent.

A Same Person or Same Concerned Person who will hold shares individually, jointly or totally representing more than ten percent(10%), twenty-five percent (25%), or fifty percent (50%) of the voting rights of a Financial Holding Company shall apply to the Competent Authority for approval in advance.

【Please see Article 4、5、16 of Financial Holding Company Act & Article 25 of the The Banking Act and get the related forms from download (Chinese edition)】

Download (Chinese edition) 金控公司大股東管理辦法條文