SinoPac Leasing


Cross-straits Reach, Cooperation across Branches to Achieve a Complete Financial Services Network

SinoPac Leasing was established in September 1997, with Taiwan as the center for its Asia operations. In 2011, a subsidiary, SinoPac International Leasing Co. Ltd was established in Nanjing, China (and in 2012 branch offices in Dongguan, Xiamen, and Kunshan was established). In 2013, another subsidiary, SinoPac Finance Leasing (Tianjin) Co Ltd, was established in Tianjin (with a branch office in Chongqing established in 2014). Each location serves as a key component in a comprehensive, Chinese financial services network. SinoPac Leasing continues to expand its territories throughout Asia, establishing a representative office in Myanmar in 2015, and a representative office in Thailand in 2017, expanding its operations, business exchange, and cooperation.

SinoPac Leasing works closely with clients in each stage of their corporate development, providing installment sale and purchases, leases, real estate leases, and other financing services with the main customer base being customers that require capital financing such as for equipment leases.