SinoPac Securities


Taiwan's First OTC-listed Securities Firm, a Leading Broker/Underwriter in the Industry

SinoPac Securities was established in 1988 and was Taiwan's first OTC-listed securities firm. In November 2012, SinoPac Securities merged with Pacific Securities; and in April 2014, approved the sale of the Yuanlin branch of Concord Securities. In March 2016, the merger with BEA Securities strengthens the development of wealth management business; in September 2016, SinoPac Securities accepted the transfer of brokerage business, business operation equipment, the net assets of margin trading and short sale on 8 branches of IBT Securities, which shall improve brokerage market shares.

SinoPac Securities' services encompasses broking, proprietary trading, underwriting, international, fixed income, new financial products, etc. for domestic and international institutional investors and retail investors. SinoPac Securities has grown its capital to NT$16.212 billion with 47 service locations and is a major securities firm in Taiwan. Overseas locations include Hong Kong, Shanghai and London. SinoPac Securities' management strategy is to achieve "innovation, balance" and develop to becoming the best full-service broker/dealer, premier investment bank, a lead e-broker, and other goals. SinoPac Securities remains committed to becoming the most flexible and accessible financial group in Greater China and a leading financial innovator in the securities industry, providing clients with innovative, fully-integrated financial services.


Note: SinoPac International Holdings Ltd. for liquidation processes are ongoing.