Board Diversity


The Company’s Code of Corporate Governance stipulates that the diversity policy shall be adopted in the composition of the Board of Directors in Chapter 4, Strengthening the functions of the Board of Directors. The incumbent board of the Company have different professional experience or background and possess the knowledge, skills, and competence required to perform their duties.

SinoPac Holdings organized elections of all Directors on May 13, 2020. The Board of Directors consists of seven Directors including one Executive Director (Director Stanley Chu who serves concurrently as the President of SinoPac Holdings), and six non-executive Directors, of which three are Independent Directors. Directors serve three-year terms. Among the six non-executive Directors, five serve concurrent roles in other companies. They serve concurrently in no more than four companies. The average term of the seven Directors as of May 13, 2020 was 2.4 years. The selection of board members is not restricted by age or gender, and the main criteria include professional skills, ethics, and reputation in society. The current Board of Directors includes one female member and six male members. The average age is higher than 55 years old. The members include three PhDs and four masters and they have diverse backgrounds and experience. The diverse composition of the Board of Directors optimizes the decision-making process of the Board of Directors. The Company values gender equality of the members of the Board of Directors and we aim to have at least one female Director. We achieved this target in 2020 by electing Ms. Shi-Kuan Chen as the Chairman on May 13, 2020. SinoPac Holdings thus became the first private financial holding company with a female Chairman. The composition and background of SinoPac Holdings Directors in 2020 are as follows: