Identification and Communication


SinoPac Holdings identified the stakeholders for the first time in 2014 and it has reviewed the groups of stakeholders based on market trends and current engagement result with stakeholders in each year thereafter. Stakeholder groups include employees, customers, regulatory agencies, shareholders (investors), media, and communities/NPO/NGO. In 2018, SinoPac Holdings continued to evaluate the connections between stakeholders and SinoPac Holdings and the level of impact on the SinoPac Holdings' operations through discussions of the CSR Project Team and the identification of stakeholders for the current year. SinoPac Holdings identified seven stakeholder groups. In response to international trends of sustainable supply chain and expand social influence, SinoPac Holdings invited upstream suppliers and contractors to jointly implement corporate social responsibilities this year. SinoPac strengthened interactions with suppliers and the supplier group was added to the stakeholder groups. SinoPac Holdings has established exclusive communication channels for each stakeholder group to respond to the issues of concern and the needs of stakeholders.

SinoPac Holdings identified a total of 20 material topics in 2018. Questionnaires were issued to stakeholders, employees, and senior executives and 55 questionnaires were recovered to analyze three major aspects of material topics including "the impact of stakeholders in assessments and decision-making", "the importance of topics to SinoPac Holdings' operations", and "positive and negative impact of SinoPac Holdings and its value chain on the environment, society and economy with regard to specific issues". The results are displayed in the three-dimensional "material topic matrix" and issues are classified into "Critical", "Important", and "Basic" levels for varying degrees of disclosure.