Employee Welfare


Talents are the most important assets of SinoPac Holdings. SinoPac Holdings has always insisted upon cultivating talents and creating a healthy and happy workplace as well as fostering cooperation in the management team. SinoPac Holdings’ Sustainable Development Committee established theEmployee welfare” task force to regularly review human resource policies (performance evaluation, rewards, benefits, rotation, etc.) and plan reasonable work division of labor that meets the characteristics of individual roles. SinoPac Holdings optimizes such roles to meet trends in different generations and improved the transparency of the system; regularly reviews the internal and external fairness of compensation and reward systems to maintain competitiveness in terms of salaries on the market; organizes events to pay tribute to outstanding employees and recognizes every bit of employees' contribution to strengthen their connections with Sinopac Holdings; values employees with dedication and promotes a happy workplace; provides a variety of seminars and training programs to satisfy employees' needs for self-improvement and development; organizes regular ESG trainings to improve all employees' awareness and understanding of ESG topics. SinoPac Holdings also formulated human rights policies in 2018 to pay closer attention to human rights risks at the workplace, and plans to introduce due diligence investigations for human rights risks in the next 1-2 years.

Welfare System

SinoPac Holdings is committed to building a happy workplace and making employees happy at work. SinoPac Holdings also improves employees' benefits and prioritizes the care for employees' family and life in order to increase employee solidarity and retention rate. SinoPac Holdings firmly believes that "human capital" is the most critical asset in an organization. Only happy employees can bring to SinoPac Holdings 's profitability and create values for the society.


● Parental Leave and Daycare Policies of Employees' Children

SinoPac Holdings implements measures or policies to encourage employees to take care of their family life in addition to work. In addition to setting up breastfeeding rooms and creating a high-quality breastfeeding environment, SinoPac Holdings also signed contracts with multiple large-scale daycare institutions to provide discounts to let new parents be at ease. If employees apply for unpaid parental leave due to individual requirements, SinoPac Holdings shall also assist in organizing unpaid parental leave and reinstatement procedures so that employees can have the strongest support of SinoPac Holdings in the important phases of their lives.

● Comprehensive Retirement System

SinoPac Holdings establishes retirement plans in accordance with the Labor Standards Act, Labor Pension Act, and related regulations and appropriates pension funds to ensure the payment of employees' pension in accordance with regulations. Please refer to SinoPac Holdings' 2018 Annual Report for detailed statistics on the appropriations.

Talent Development

In order for employees to have ample opportunities to grow, SinoPac Holdings has fostered an optimal learning environment where, based on professional and personal traits, each employee is given training and self-improvement opportunities. The talent development program is formulated based on the business strategies, business priorities, and human resources strategies of SinoPac Holdings and its subsidiaries each year. Sinopac Holdings’ systematic curriculum not only enhances employees' professional knowledge but also enables employees to grow with the organization. In 2018, the overall training expenditure amounted to approximately NT$47.27 million, or an average of NT$6,053 per person. Total training hours amounted to 380,053 hours which equaled an average of 48.66 hours per person. In 2018, both training expenditure and training hours increased over the previous year, demonstrating SinoPac Holdings' continuous commitment to and support of talent development.

SinoPac Holdings' employee professional competence trainings include four major areas: the development of FinTech and digital talents, the systematic development of professional entry-level talents, the development of talents with professional financial competencies, and the development of management talents for mid to senior level executives. SinoPac Holdings adopted the Kirkpatrick Model as the tool for evaluating the effectiveness of the trainings. For management talents, SinoPac Holdings will continue to plan competency enhancement projects. SinoPac Holdings plans to include management competency evaluation into the 360° competency evaluation, creates profiles of SinoPac's management talents, establishes mission-based leadership training modules, and continuously implements the strategy of "competency-based talent inventory and training", which shall be internalized into a form of corporate culture and become the foundation for talent development and retention.

Comprehensive Investment Management Training

To build a consensus in the management for the organization and improve the courses for professional competencies of the management, Sinopac Holdings provides mid-level to senior executives with leadership training for management talents in the Bank as well as various management competency training programs. SinoPac Holdings aims to have managers in the right places so as to lead the team and organization to advance together and create value.

● Management Competency Development Plan

SinoPac Holdings has been comprehensively enhancing the development of management leadership since 2015. In 2017, SinoPac’s six core management competencies were established to define competency indicators and management behaviors and to evaluate management, ensuring that every level of management has a clear understanding of the organization’s requirements and their own positions. In 2018, the Management Competency Training Program was launched, providing comprehensive training to reserve managers, new managers and senior executives. Based on management levels and the six core competencies, management blueprint ladders were designed, and customized management competency courses were tailored to each level. This will strengthen management competencies at each level and allow managers to strive for the upper echelons of their careers. In addition, management suitability tests and management competency evaluations will be administered and, based on the results, the talent requirements for key positions will be gradually adjusted. The EMBA training series for reserve managers will also be employed to enhance the talent pool and cultivate the core management of the Company.

Future Plans to Strengthen Managerial Professional Development

● EMBA+ and EMBA Program

In addition to strengthening the six core management competencies, Sinopac Holdings also focuses on communication and consensus among management. Therefore, a special EMBA+/EMBA course was created as a talent platform that combines learning, interactions, and observation. The classes are composed of management selected from SinoPac Holdings’ various subsidiaries; the EMBA+ class is composed of senior executive vice presidents and executive vice presidents, while the EMBA class is composed primarily of senior vice presidents and vice presidents. Both tracks have small class sizes to enhance overall interaction and learning outcomes. The course design combines the Company’s six core management competencies, and collaborates with well-known domestic management consulting firms and lecturers to offer systemic and relevant courses rich in content that inspire management to think innovatively, understand current trends, and further enhance leadership and management capabilities.

In addition to classroom courses, activities such as guided reading, speeches, laser paintball, golf lessons, the Leader Campus Innovation Institute, and hiking are arranged to increase the diversity of overall training content and to create a space for interaction to enhance the effectiveness of the program. At the same time, it is hoped that participants can strengthen their internal networks and enhance mutual interaction, trust, and understanding, thereby creating a strong foundation upon which to build their future careers.

● Elite Talent (MA/IMA) Reserve Training Program

SinoPac’s Elite Reverse Training is based on the three main concepts, namely professional development, experiential learning, and comprehensive rotation training. Through a variety of intensive classes, activities and division rotation, Bank SinoPac’s new elite talents progress rapidly and accumulate practical experience during the training period, toward the goal of cultivating dynamic new management professionals. The training program employs phased training, providing basic finance training, as well as training and internship experience across divisions; IMA has also added a training course abroad to ensure that development of professional ability has both depth and breadth. In addition, learning aids such as Coaches and Mentors have been introduced to strengthen interaction and communication and to accelerate learning and development.

Diverse Communication Platforms Between Labor and Management

1. Collective Bargaining Agreements

To achieve smooth and effective communications between labor and management, employees of Bank SinoPac have established the Bank SinoPac Corporate Union in accordance with the Labor Union Act. Bank SinoPac and the union conduct communications and negotiations on labor-management issues on a regular or irregular basis. Labor and management representatives of Bank SinoPac negotiate in accordance with the Collective Agreement Act. They also sign collective bargaining agreements to protect their rights to work on August 16, 2011. Labor and management signed a new contract on November 10, 2014 to add provisions for assistance when employees are involved in litigation in the course of business activities. The two parties negotiated and renewed the agreement on April 24, 2018. On the other hand, SinoPac Securities was the first securities firm to establish a union.

According to the "Labor Standards Act", "Work Rules" of SinoPac Holdings, and results of labor-management negotiations, if employees need to work overtime due to work requirements, the supervisors may, after obtaining the consent of the subordinates, allow employees to fill out "overtime work forms", sign them, and deliver them to employees to implement overtime work. Female employees may not work past 10 p.m. without the approval of the union. In addition, although corporate unions of subsidiaries agree that employees working hours may be extended on weekdays without the prior approval of the respective corporate union, employees' attendance on holidays shall require the approval of the respective corporate union. This measure is effected to protect the rights of employees. The communication and performance of the aforementioned system has been well implemented and there were no complaint cases in 2018. Sinopac Holdings shall continue to pay attention and protect the rights of employees. The subsidiaries were subject to 23 labor inspections in 2018. With the exception of two appeals, no penalties were imposed.

2. Regular Implementation of the "Organization Condition Surveys" and "Employee Commitment Surveys"

SinoPac Holdings aims to obtain employees' feedbacks on management policies of SinoPac Holdings and the atmosphere in the organization. SinoPac Holdingsbegan implementing the "Employee Commitment Surveys" and "Organization Condition Surveys" since 2015 (the survey is conducted every other year).The scope of the surveys includes two sections. The first is the employees' satisfaction rate for management policies; the second consists of subjective feelings in the work place and observation of areas for improvements in various indicators as reference for future policy adjustments. SinoPac Holdings organized the "Employee Commitment Surveys" in 2018. The surveys were conducted online and SinoPac Holdings issued an external website link that allowed employees to answer the surveys anonymously to increase their sense of security and fairness.

The response rate increased from 53% in 2015 to 66% in 2018. It showed that more and more employees are willing to express their opinions to improve the organization. Overall, employees' satisfaction rate of the organization has gradually improved from 59% in 2015 to 79% in 2018. It demonstrated that SinoPac Holdings has gradually improved in various business expansion and institutional strategies.

3. Establishment of the "Employee Service Specialist" and the "SinoPac Academy" Website

4. Employee Grievance Channel

Diverse and Healthy Workplace

● Diverse Employment Policy and Human Rights

SinoPac Holdings established the "Human Rights Policy" in 2018 to support the "United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights", "United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights", "United Nations Global Compact", "International Labour Organization Convention", and other international human rights policies. SinoPac Holdings also abides by related labor regulations of SinoPac Holdings' base of operations. SinoPac Holdings respects human rights in the workplace and provides employees with a safe and healthy work environment. SinoPac Holdings also respects employees' freedom of association and pays close attention to the domestic and international development of human rights policies and changes in the business environment. SinoPac Holdings also implements reviews and improvements of the Policy on a rolling basis, and plans to introduce human rights management and human rights risk due diligence investigation mechanisms in the next 1-2 years to mitigate and remedy human rights risks.

SinoPac Holdings provides equal opportunities for employees' appointment, promotion, performance evaluation, assignments, training, career development, and remuneration, and does not discriminate based on gender, religion, or race. SinoPac Holdings treats all employees in a fair and just manner and strictly abides by related labor laws and regulations. SinoPac Holdings categorically prohibits all forms of workplace violence. In addition to posting related posters in office areas, SinoPac Holdings also provides education on "Workplace Violence Prevention Measures" for new employees in collective online training.

SinoPac Holdings gives priority to people with disabilities for recruitment. SinoPac Holdings currently employs a total of 49 staffs with disabilities. Bank Sinopac employs 29 individuals (including 5 individuals with severe physical disabilities); SinoPac Securities employs 17 individuals (including 3 individuals with severe physical disabilities); SinoPac Call Center employs 3 individuals with physical disabilities. Employees in the organization with physical disabilities serve as clerks, IT program design etc. In addition to meeting the legal requirements in terms of the number of employees hired, those with good performance have been promoted to management roles.