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Green Finance

Subsidiary Bank SinoPac became the first bank to be granted a license to issue Green Bonds. The holding company and subsidiaries proactively works with the government to launch various green projects. In 2017, for the first time, we worked with the New Taipei City Government to launch the "Sustainable
Green Enerrgy, Brighten New Taipei" Plan. In 2012, we participated in the "Sunshine Building Mllion Roof Top Plan", with substantial growth in lendingvolumes in 2017.



Developing a "Green Bonds" Market

On 27, April, Bank SinoPac became the first licensed bank to issued "Green Bonds". Bank SinoPac coordinates with government policy : “Green Financing”and“ The 5+2 Industrial Transformation Plan”, supporting green energy industry to get long term funds. In an effort to promote environmental sustainability and develop the "Green Bonds" market in Taiwan.


"Green Financing" Services

1. "Solar Power Equipment Financing Special Project", winning the "Top Solar System Award" In response to the rising price of electricity and petrol, and promotion of green energy by government, Bank SinoPac offer the "Solar Power Equipment Financing Special Project", combining with “Million Solar Rooftop PV Project”which promoted by government. The "Solar Power Equipment Financing Special Project" offer loan project for households
and firms, promoting the development of green energy industry in Taiwan. In 2016 and 2017, Bank SinPac was
awarded “Excellent Financial Services Award” of the “Top Solar System Award” issued by Ministry of Economic
Affairs. Bank SinoPac is the only bank winning this award for two consecutive years. Bank SinoPac will keep using professionalism to provide Green Financing services.

2. "Sustainable Green Energy, Brighten New Taipei" Plan, improve project efficiency, innovative bridge loan financing Following the "Sustainable Green Energy, Brighten New Taipei" Plan promoted by government, which aims to boost up the pace of constructing Solar energy system by replacing the land with plants roofs, it was expected green electricity initiatives to increase by 33 Mega Watts in 2017. Bank SinoPac will support the goal that making target industrial area having more than 50% green energy roof cover ratio. In March 2017, Bank SinoPac had signed a MOU of solar energy loaning project with the Taiwan Photovoltaic Industry Association.

To promote greater efficiency, Bank SinoPac first to offer the Bridging loan, providing maximum 80% of the construction cost. Besides, it can provide a maximum 20% first to allocate initial construction cost, after finishing the contract with Taiwan Power Company, Bank SinoPac can then provide the remaining loan. The maximum loan period is 15 years.

In the same time, we have hold several fundraising seminars in many places since 4Q17, adopting a diverse strategy that provides flexible fundraising project, increasing the amount of credit available to small and medium enterprises. We will continue to focus on providing customized fundraising projects, for instance like roof-type or land-type. We shall keep promoting the business of Green Financing and do our best to fulfill the corporate social responsibility to Earth.

3. "Create a Low Carbon Tainan", providing unique low cost financing, assisting corporate clients in achieving sustainable development

Tainan is now developing the solar energy system, planning to construct the power equipment on the unused land and roofs in Yantian, Detention basin⋯etc. Expected to finish a 220 Mega Watt-solar energy system construction. Bank SinoPac is in cooperation with the Tainan government, providing fundraising project for solar energy equipment. Which can provide a maximum 80% of the construction cost and 20% before the system start running, lowering the funding burden. Furthermore, for those who intend to expand or upgrade current operating projects can also apply for a preferential loan project, promoting company sustainable development.


Green Energy Services and Investments

1. Promoted "Electronic Billing", limiting waste of earth resources

To reduce the waste of resources, Bank SinoPac released many electronic and digital financial services, trying to further protect the environment. There are more than 800,000 people who have submit application for composite
E-Statements in 2017, we also provide bonus for conversion to E-Statements. By using a smart and easy way to get personal information, we lower the cost and production of paper as well as plastics.

2. Lead underwriter for "All Cosmos Bio-Tech Holding Co Ltd" IPO and capital fundraising

June 2017, SinoPac Securities was the lead underwriter for "All Cosmos Bio-Tech Holding Co Ltd" IPO and capital fundraising for NT$440 million.

ACI is a leading manufacturer and marketer of Bio-Organic and Bio-Chemical fertilizers. The company’s products help planters to cut down on the dependence of harmful chemicals that are harmful to our ecosystem. The
products of ACI had green fertilizers certification from the Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation and serves as green agriculture consultant of MOSTI.

3. SinoPac Venture Capital Green Investments of NT$136 million dollars

Through investments in green environmental industries, we limit the negative impacts on the environment. As of the end of 2017, our investment portfolio that consists of green environmental industries is approximately NT$136 million, representing 8.12% of our portfolio, mostly relating to water and sewage treatment, communication equipment, internet of things, and wireless sensor related industries.