Social Involvement


Social Involvement Policy and Goals

SinoPac Holdings places great emphasis on human values and continues to strengthen local care and community care. In 2018, SinoPac Holdings established the "Social Involvement" task force under the Sustainable Development Committee to facilitate social involvement projects and develop its social involvement programs to respond to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and strengthen the connection between social involvement activities and its core competencies in finance. In addition, SinoPac Holdings will develop social program accordingly in the next 2-3 years and implement the social impact evaluation tool, Social Return on Investment (SROI), to evaluate the impact of social projects. The SROI will be adopted as an evaluation mechanism in the long term in order to enhance the management of social welfare projects.

Annual Social Involvement Projects Overview

In 2018, SinoPac Holdings' charity events focused on four major aspects: environmental sustainability, local care, academic cooperation, and arts and culture sponsorship. Through various mean, including title sponsorship, joint activities, corporate volunteer participation, and in-depth counseling, SinoPac gave back to Taiwan society. Charity contributions by Sinopac Holdings and its subsidiaries have increased annually over the past three years. In 2018, investment funds and volunteer hours increased significantly. In 2018, total charity expenditure reached NT$45.18 million, accounting for 0.14% of total revenue, and employee volunteer hours totaled 1,580 hours.


Academic Cooperation Projects

● Academic Forums Open up a New Era for Cross-Strait Financial Development

Bank SinoPac has established a partnership with the International Monetary Research Institute (IMI) of Renmin University of China since 2015 and the two parties has organized multiple seminars and roundtable discussions to promote cross-strait financial cooperation. In 2018, Bank SinoPac invited IMI as well as experts and scholars from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. In the forum, topics focused on the opportunities and challenges of the internationalization of Renminbi and FinTech to the transformation of commercial banks, and the new era for cross-strait financial development through close exchanges and sharing of viewpoints. They discussed the policies of the People's Bank of China on interest and exchange rates, geopolitical strategies of the internationalization of the Renminbi and the Belt and Road initiative, internet finance, and inclusive finance. 250 participants gathered to exchange ideas in the forum, including the directors, senior executives, and executives of SinoPac Holdings and its subsidiaries and guests.

Arts and Culture Sponsorship Projects

● Bank SinoPac has sponsored the Simple Life Festival for five consecutive years to demonstrate Bank SinoPac's diverse payment technologies and supports for art and culture

Bank SinoPac has sponsored the "Simple Life Festival" for five consecutive years since 2014. The event focuses on youth culture and creative markets and has attracted 200,000 visitors since 2014. Entertainers, cultural icons, and experts were invited each year and they organized concerts and creative markets for participants to experience the value of " living a simple day each day as a authentic day". Bank SinoPac organized three experience areas at the Simple Life Festival including the “Heart-for-Taiwan” Roundthe-Island Q&A, green energy experience areas, etc. that integrated Bank SinoPac's mobile solar-powered large vans to let participants learn about the land and clean energy.

Bank SinoPac integrated its core competencies and provided multiple payment tools to support the development of the cultural and creative industries. It introduced the universal EMV QR Code so that payments could be completed not only by traditional credit cards but also by QR code, making payment become more convenient and diverse. Bank SinoPac provided "demand-oriented, convenient, and secured" financial services to help small businesses develop potential business opportunities. In addition, Bank SinoPac has received the "Top Solar System Award" from the Ministry of Economic Affairs for three consecutive years from 2016 to 2018. The award recognized Bank SinoPac's devotions and leading market positions in the solar power industry. To promote clean energy in the daily lives of customers and raise environmental awareness , Bank SinoPac introduced the first solar-powered charging equipment and personal transporter activities so that participants can experience completely different lifestyles.

● Empowerment of Wealth Management and Art from a Young Age─11th Year of Sponsorship for the Taipei Children's Arts Festival

Bank SinoPac not only provides people with the necessary financial services and wealth management plans but also seeks to realize its vision of "Fulfillment of a Beautiful Life Through Finance." Bank SinoPac has long cared for children's growth and education. The SinoPac mma children's account was launched to help parents invest in children's future. Also, Bank SinoPac collaborated with the foundation of Yuan T. Lee Science Education for All in promoting science education. Moreover, Bank SinoPac worked with "Taipei Children's Arts Festival" to jointly create happy and creative lives for parents and children and encourage kids with art education from a young age.

Bank SinoPac has sponsored the Department of Cultural Affairs of Taipei City Government and Taipei Performing Arts Center for the event of “Taipei Children's Arts Festival" since 2008, and till now in 2018, it’s marked the 11th year of the Festival. Through those well-constructed cooperation plans, Bank SinoPac aims to bring children to a world of art with joy and imagination during summer vacation each year. Celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2018, Bank SinoPac organized four events with nearly 760 participants and organized a special charity session to invite children of the Eden Foundation to enjoy "Buchettino", a show whose 33 performances sold out in a record-breaking 39 minutes. The special session was organized to encourage all children experience the fun and excitement of performing art and enjoy the wonderful feeling of performances.

In addition to organizing a charity performance in the Guangfu Auditorium of Zhongshan Hall in 2018, Bank SinoPac also organized the "Large Van Mystery Adventure Go!" event in the outdoor square and invited charity groups as well as adults and children onsite to a series of fun environmental protection games. They learned about the importance of environmental protection to the earth and making Taiwan a prosperous society in terms of both the living environment and spiritual wealth. In the future, Bank Sinopac shall continue to let children view international performance shows and continue to cultivate Taiwanese performers to support local creative scripts and performances. Bank SinoPac seeks to let children in Taiwan experience more diverse art performances.