Social Involvement


Social Involvement Policy and Goals

Upholding the core value of "fulfillment of inclusive growth", the Social Involvement Team under the Sustainable Development Committee is responsible for organizing social activities across SinoPac Holdings and its subsidiaries to fulfill its corporate social responsibility. In addition to responding to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), philanthropic activities correlate strongly with SinoPac Holdings' core business. The Social Involvement Team has developed three action plans (promote cultural equality, raise climate awareness, and support charitable organizations/social enterprises and the employment of the vulnerable populations), which are in line with SinoPac Holdings' three sustainability commitments.


2019 Social Involvement Projects Overview

SinoPac Holdings contributed to society through different forms of engagements such as title sponsorships, co-organized activities, and corporate volunteer participation. In 2019, the total expenditure on philanthropic activities reached NT$28,842 thousand, and total time volunteer devoted to philanthropic activities reached 2,480 hours, which increased substantially by 57% compared to 2018.



Promoting Cultural Equality and Reducing Inequality

To promote cultural equality, SinoPac Holdings is committed to reducing any form of inequality inside and outside the organization and putting efforts to protect everyone's right to learn and enjoy art, regardless of gender, wealth, race, so as to achieve social equality and justice. In 2019, SinoPac Holdings organized philanthropic activities related to cultural education, talent cultivatiion, and charity performances, including "Taipei Children's Arts Festival", "Collaboration between Arts and Other Sectors - Outreach Aesthetic Education Project" organized by the National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts, "Home from Above" program, and "Your Concert". The Company also worked with NPOs to promote the idea of arts equality in hopes of reducing the uneven allocation of resources in South and North Taiwan and increasing the vulnerable populations’ access to diverse cultures.

● Promoting Performing Arts and Sociocultural Power

Since 2008, Bank SinoPac has been sponsoring the "Taipei Children's Arts Festival" organized by the Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government for 12 years. In 2019, Bank SinoPac sponsored another special performance, "The Debt", in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the "Taipei Children's Arts Festival," aiming to cultivate children's ability to appreciate art while encouraging and cultivating local artists to make Taiwan a better society with a sense of art and culture.

● Cultivating Aesthetics and Wealth Management Concept from Childhood

In 2019, Bank SinoPac continued to invest in cultivating the sense of art of the next generation, sponsoring five performances of the "Collaboration between Arts and Other Sectors - Outreach Aesthetic Education Project" organized by the National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts to broaden children's horizons. With 5 performances in the sponsoring plan, together with field trips, children were able to visit international art museums, experience the beauty and knowledge beyond textbooks, explore and appreciate the essence of art, while narrowing the gap in the art development between North and South Taiwan. In addition, to cultivate children's abilities and concepts of wealth management from their childhood, Bank SinoPac specially arranged “Wealth Management Volunteers” to be their guidance in learning the terminology and knowledge of wealth management with fun performances and interactions. In these five performance sessions, children were taught the idea of no pain no gain, smart consumption by distinguishing what they "need" and "want", and the importance of keeping accounts, all of which are the key factors of money-saving and creating a better future.

● Creating a Strong Hometown Identity with Videos

Bank SinoPac worked with the Chi Po-lin Foundation to initiate the "Home from Above" program. In 2019, the company worked with the USR team from National Chung Hsing University and invited Maming Elementary School in Waipu District, Taichung City to participate in the pilot scheme in hopes of seeing the hometown and Taiwan, where they are born, from children's perspectives. The courses of this pilot scheme were divided into "skill development" and "spirit education". Children were taught 4 core skills, including photography and editing skills, oral expression and storytelling, so as to introduce community features from their perspectives. In addition, the elderly were invited to share their lifetime experiences and stories, deepening the children’s sense of belonging to their homeland, as well as the recognition and respect to the value of the elderly. The whole event was video recorded to increase children's recognition of the people and culture of their hometown and their sense of belonging to the community, while teaching children the importance of showing care for the others and broadening their horizons.

● Organizing Song of Life for the Elderly

Since 2018, SinoPac Holdings has been holding the outdoor charity concert, "Your Concert" in cooperation with Hsieh Ming-Yu, the Golden Melody Award winner, for elderly over 65 years old, who have worked very hard and dedicated their lives in laying the foundation that has led to Taiwan’s prosperous today. Old-school songs that belong to their era and grew up with them were played in the concert. In 2019, "Your Concert" was elevated to a performance of "Song of Life," where Hsieh Ming-Yu and Tseng Ching-Wen, a community theater worker, invited the elderly to share their stories, and then Hsieh created a song for the local communities. Hsieh wrote a song about the life in Jingliao, Tainan - "Memory of Youth", and a song about the life in Longshan Village, Tainan - "Shanziliao", which were performed by the elderly at the end of "Your Concert - Song of Life", recalling their lifetime memories through the songs.

Raising Climate Awareness to Mitigate and Adapt to Climate Change

To mitigate and adapt to climate change, SinoPac Holdings focuses on raising climate awareness, calling on employees, customers, and the public to take green actions in their daily lives. The "SinoPac Life" platform has been set up to promote environmental knowledge and climate awareness and to initiate a series of environmental protection activities emphasizing carbon emission reduction and ecosystem maintenance. In response to the "Earth Day - A Million Acts of Green” program initiated by Taiwan Environmental Information Association, SinoPac Holdings called on the public and employees to take more than 1 million green actions in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Earth Day in 2019. The campaign successfully attracted more than 20,000 participants taking over 250,000 green actions, which helped Taiwan Environmental Information Association in achieving its goal in advance. SinoPac Holdings also set the 17th of each month as "SinoPac Environmental Day" to encourage employees to take green actions in their daily lives.

● Reducing Carbon Emissions

SinoPac Holdings puts carbon emission reduction into action by organizing environmental protection activities, such as coastal cleanup and waste recycling and reuse. In 2019, Bank SinoPac and SinoPac Securities organized coastal cleanup activities in Northern, Central and Southern Taiwan. More than 400 volunteers and their family members participated in the activities at Linshanbi Cape in New Taipei City, Wanggong Fishing Port in Changhua County, and Longgang Coast in Tainan City. A total of 683 kg of marine debris were collected through their joint effort. In addition, fun activities were designed to teach volunteers how garbage are classified and the coastal environment can be protected, therefore bringing out the importance of the coastal cleanup activities. SinoPac Securities held the wealth management camp in cooperation with Shih Hsin University, which included the "Big Change for Bottles" event that promoted recycling by turning waste bottles and jars picked up by the volunteers from beaches into cute piggy banks. During the camp, children gained an understanding on wealth management while reducing carbon emissions by changing waste bottles into useful piggy banks with their creativity. Upholding the idea of reading and sharing, SinoPac Leasing held an internal activity to collect second-hand children's books and distribute them to rural elementary schools with insufficient resources.

● Protecting the Ecosystem

Ecosystem protection refers to encouraging all stakeholders to pay attention to ecosystem by communicating issues such as eco-friendliness and sustainable oceans. In the "Green Market" activity held in 2019, Bank SinoPac set up three theme areas, namely, "Environmental Art", "Environmental Education", and "Green Action" and exhibited with brands that are dedicated to making products with natural materials, such as Greenvines, AGOODAY, and Story Wear. While participating in DIY and other activities on-site, visitors could experience and understand the ideas of environmental protection in life in a more acceptable way.

SinoPac Securities supported the "Sustainable Oceans - Fish Forever" marine education activity organized by the Yunlin Branch of the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families to make sustainable oceans a reality and help protectMother Earth. Featuring the Sustainable Seafood Guide, the activity was held at the Haikou Living Museum, where 40 volunteers of SinoPac Securities taught 70 members of the Yunlin Branch of the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families how seafood can be enjoyed in an eco-friendly way, so as to make "Sustainable Oceans - Fish Forever" a reality. During the lunch, recommended seafood, local vegetables and fruits were offered to incorporate green education into life.

Nowadays, children enjoy a rich material life, toys are replaced rapidly, producing a large amount of waste. In view of this, SinoPac Securities Investment Trust worked with the Hualien Center for Indigenous Children and Youths to teach indigenous children how to make Taroko traditional musical instruments in 2019. During the activity, children learned to maintain ecology by reducing waste while ensuring that the legacy of the mouth harp can be inherited.


Promoting Social Sustainability and Common Prosperity

To promote common prosperity, SinoPac Holdings concentrates on supporting charitable organizations/social enterprises and the employment of the vulnerable populations. It is committed to the common good and mutual benefit for the stakeholders and promoting inclusive growth through products and services, procurement, employees volunteering, and charities in cooperation with NPOs. SinoPac Holdings also deliberates on increasing partnership with other suitable sheltered workshops/NPOs in order to support more charitable organizations and expand positive influence.

● Supporting the Growth of NPOs with Purchasing Power

SinoPac Holdings continues cooperating with the Children Are Us Foundation to support and recognize the sheltered workshops and spread love to children in rural areas. In 2019, SinoPac Holdings organized the meal box project with the Children Are Us Foundation, encouraging employees, their family members and customers to subscribe for and donate meal boxes. To facilitate the "Light up Hope" initiative, Bank SinoPac invited its partner, Sysfeather Inc., to set up an online charity donation platform. Within two weeks, SinoPac raised more than NTD$ 3 million through the online platform for the Children Are Us Foundation, which is equivalent to 20,000 meal boxes that can feed the children in need. This initiative not only empowered children with intellectual and developmental disorders to work, but also provided care for children in rural areas. On the eve of Christmas, SinoPac Holdings held a refreshing party for children with intellectual and developmental disorders and promise to continue the meal box project next year to spread love across Taiwan.

● Providing Education for the Elderly to Combat Aging

In 2019, SinoPac Holdings organized 6 internal and external seminars on Taiwan's population aging for its employees and customers in cooperation with Sunvis of the Sunshine Foundation. Three professional coaches specializing in middle-aged and elderly sports, sports performance analysis, and corrective therapy at Sunvis designed muscle-strengthening exercises tailor-made for middle-aged and the elderly, promoting the right sport concepts to combat aging and improve the quality of life. In the future, SinoPac Holdings will extend the participants from employees to the public, and increase the exposure and participation with demo videos to raise the public awareness on Taiwan’s aging population.