Major Topic Identification


Distinguishing Major Topics and Analysis
To distinguish the relevant major topics for SinoPac Holdings operations and key stakeholders, this year SinoPac Holdings in reference to the GRI standards reviewed its process to ensure that all aspects of stakeholder views are taken into consideration, and the matrix of major topics is adjusted to three major axis, "Stakeholder Evaluation and the Impact of Decisions", "The Impact on SinoPac Operations", and "The ESG impact of major topics". In addition, these three axis are further separated into three levels, "Major", "Important", and "Follow Up", with differing standards of disclosures.

Considerations and Boundaries of Major Topics
In 2017, SinoPac Holdings has 23 major topics under evaluation. Through questionnaire data, we analyze the impact and relevance of each major topic on the different stakeholder segments, the importance of the topic on SinoPac Holdings operations, and the impact on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) matters for SinoPac Holdings and throughout its value chain. This is presented as a matrix chart of major topics.