Material Topic Identification


Stakeholder Engagement

SinoPac Holdings identified the stakeholders for the first time in 2014 and formulated major management policies and implementation plans accordingly to respond to the needs and expectations of stakeholders. The Company has reviewed the groups of stakeholders based on market trends and engagement result with stakeholders in each year thereafter. In 2018, in response to the trend of sustainable supply chain management and to expand the social influence, SinoPac Holdings invited suppliers and contractors to implement corporate social responsibility together, and regarded them as a new group of stakeholder. As a result, there are currently 7 stakeholders groups, including employees, customers, shareholders (investors), media, communities/non-profit organizations (NPOs)/non-governmental organizations (NGOs), competent authorities, and suppliers. SinoPac Holdings has established multiple communication channels for each stakeholder group to truly respond to their needs and concerns.




Identification and Disclosure of Material Topics

SinoPac Holdings refers to the four principles of the GRI Standards (stakeholder inclusiveness, sustainability context, materiality, and completeness), international sustainable development trend, and material topics of domestic and international benchmarking peers to review and identify material topics related to its operations and adjust each year. Based on the 20 material topics identified in 2018, after consolidation and adjustment, there were 17 material topics in 2019, of which 5 were critical topics, 7 were important topics, and 5 were basic topics.


2019 Material Topic